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  • Robert B. Dean - Beware of the neurotoxin, MSG in this formula!

    I started using this on July 9th and by July 23 started with itchy hives from this formula. It took weeks to discover that it was the Amberen that was causing the hives, so I continued to take it, even in a double dosage, as recommended by the company, as it was not relieving the hot flashes very quickly. By the time I made my discovery, my heart was beating irregularly and I had hives all over by body and was not able to sleep due to the itching. It's seven weeks later, I am only now starting to make a recovery using a liver detoxification and acupuncture and after seeing four doctors. It has been hellish to say the least. The neurotoxin MSG fires the cells until the cell dies, it can accumulate in your body and you could become allergic, as I did. MSG is in all packaged foods, fast foods, vegetarian food and in over 25 hidden names. It is a toxin - a nerve poison. Google it for more information. I have never experienced ANY allergy from anything before this. It has been a long, torturous nightmare! If you decide to try it, be very careful. As for me the hot flashes no longer seem like a problem after this:)

  • Tinkertonedprincess - This bath mat is perfect. I have almost slipped a few times while ...

    This bath mat is perfect. I have almost slipped a few times while using conditioner in the shower and finally decided I needed to get a shower mat. This is thick and holds down in the tub perfectly. It hasn't moved once since I put it in. It doesn't slide around and cause trouble like other mats. It's a nice pale white color and is very easy to rinse off. It looks to be made of rubber but not 100% sure. I would highly recommend this especially to the older population to decrease their chances of falls in the shower. I work as a home health aide and tell all my patients to always have a bath mat inside and outside the shower to prevent falls. This one will keep you safe.

  • clicked - Can't trust it!

    After reading other reviews, I was reluctant to buy. I even considered doing manual updates. However, laziness got the best of me and I thought it couldn't be that bad. How wrong I was!!!

  • Canashar - Love the shaver

    Love the shaver. It cuts beautifully and does not irritate my skin. My only concern is that you must have it charged to use it. Because you can use water to clean the razor, it will only work cordless. I would like the option to use it with the cord when it needs to be charged. Regardless, I think it will be ok, just remembering to keep it charged takes some getting used to.