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  • https://type2diabetes.com/living-with-t2d/ Living with diabetes - Type2Diabetes.com - Getting diagnosed with diabetes can be challenging. After you get over the initial shock of learning you have diabetes, you will likely have many questions
  • https://type2diabetes.com/diet-nutrition/ Healthy eating and meal planning - Type2Diabetes.com - Diet, along physical activity and dosing of medication, is one of the important factors that determine control of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • https://type2diabetes.com/fitness-and-exercise/ Fitness & Exercise - Type2Diabetes.net - If you have tyoe diabetes, regular exercise should be an integral part of your overall care plan. Learn about the benefits and how to example exercises.
  • https://type2diabetes.com/living/six-common-skin-conditions/ Six Common Associated Skin Conditions - Type2Diabetes.com - Skin problems that may arise with type 2 diabetes, including abscesses, rashes, infections, and blisters.
  • https://type2diabetes.com/living/gestational-diabetes-part-1/ Gestational Diabetes (Part 1) - Type2Diabetes.com - Learn about gestational diabetes and its diagnosis, possible complications, and treatment.
  • https://type2diabetes.com/living/are-you-letting-your-family-history-control-your-health-habits/ Is Your Family History Controlling You? - Type2Diabetes.com - How to overcome a daunting family history and make changes to better manage type 2 diabetes.

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    I live in a region that has a very limited selection on the radio. This and Pandora on my phone has made longer car trips much more tolerable. I pairs easily and the sound from the radio is clear. My only concern is it feels a bit fragile, so I'm always very careful when removing it from the lighter socket.

  • Paid Advertiser - 1990's Solution for the 21st Century

    As an early adopter of officially released 2012, I may well have received the bug-farm edition ... v.v. 72-hr. crashes or hourly function freezes. After the fiasco of revision 2008, I had hoped for better from Microsoft; this hasn't been the case. No need for listing the litany of issues: buy it, and you'll experience them for yourself [and, expense a Keurig coffee maker and a nice cot for the all nighters]

  • Michelle Johnson - Don't even realize you're eating healthy

    So impressed with this cookbook! Usually low cal recipies leave a lot to be desired, but I don't even feel like I'm missing out with these! Most are recipies my husband enjoys, too!

  • Robert Deprez - Impractical and confusing

    Packed with tons of information organized in a manner that I could not get my head around. This is about the least user friendly and un practical resource I have ever read. There are better resources for free through the iceland tourism website.

  • Kermit A. Patterson - Great for temporarily fixing the problem, like summer open toe shoes.

    This product did lighten the discoloration unlike many products I have used. However the color comes back if it is not used continuously. If you have a product that does help get rid of the fungi, then I suggest using it with this product. If this product penetrate the nail, then it will also help medication get to the fungi. This product is more of a cosmetic quick fix. Seeing the continued requirement to apply it, I would guess it would be a lifetime treatment. It does not get rid of the fungi permanently. So I would say I am satisfied with the product, however, I see a big expense in the long run with continued use.