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  • A. Smith - I don't understand the hype

    The information and recommendations within this book can be found in a lot of other natural books that discuss supplements. Or, you can just read the reviews for the book - many of which provide the supplements the book discusses. The reason I purchased this book is because based on reviews and book information, this book tells you EXACTLY what supplements (brand) to purchase. However, since this book was published over 2 years ago, several of the supplements recommended are not available (i.e. Wal-mart brand cinnamon). Not to mention, the certificate of authenticity is over 2.5 years old. Furthermore, for some of the supplements recommended (milk thistle) the author pretty much says any brand will do. So, I'm confused. Disappointed I didn't find the direct, updated information I was hoping to find in this book. Also, found a lot of the book to be "fluffy".

  • Rickyrick1221 - Awesome looking 09 fz6r

    Amazing tail light. I started off trying to be a tiny bit cheaper on a replacement taillight with the integrated turn signals but when it came down to it i ended up spending more on return shipping fees and taxes from buying lights from odd end dealers and having them ship the wrong part. This was an extremely easy swap and I had to do no cutting, splicing or any of that nonsense. Also I didn't realize that there was a light LED strip on the bottom to light up the license plate so i didn't have to add one in which was great. Overall i'd buy this again if I needed to.

  • felicia - I love visalus. It is a delicious shake

    I love visalus. It is a delicious shake. I have tried many shakes including shakeology but none of them compare to visalus and the price is right!! Shipping was quick and just in time because i ran out the day it came in! :-) I have lost 5 pounds so far it has been almost a month but I have cheated a few times in between. I still like it because I feel less sluggish throughout the day and sleep pretty awesome at night now.

  • Thumper - Easy to use

    I was pleasantly surprised by this. I had a window on the second floor with green algae growing under it, and really didn't want to repaint. I sprayed that, as well as some other controlled test areas around the house (for example, some mildew type growth on the eaves). The window looked spotless in just two days. About a week later, the eaves largely came clean. Even my pool fence no longer has a green tint to it, and now looks nice and black.

  • Denille L. Campbell - Incredible!!!!!

    I'm amazed at how much control I had over the spray pattern when I used this handle. Normally with a spray can it's a simple on/off. I found myself actually being able to control how strong of a flow I wanted. I have never had this control over a spray can before. This thing is incredible!!!

  • jessie - good product in just a week.

    Ive given this about a week and a half and already see pretty decent results. The trick really is file the thick nails down first, then add the medicine once a day. When nails get thick again file again. The yellow has gone away pretty significantly in a relatively short time. I am using this product with another product called 'Fungi Nail Toe and Foot Ointment'. However I suspect this one is superior because it has a lower PH level. Some of you might not know why PH is important, so simply put it allows the chemicals to penetrate the nail faster. I will update this review in about a month.

  • Vamp Ire - This program isn't financial software, it is a Luddite maker.

    I was very disappointed in this product. My experience is that, with very minimal effort, it can keep track of one checking and one savings account balance. It can also manage to report credit card balances. It is less helpful when you have multiple checking accounts, as you have to sort out settings carefully or they may be blended into a linked report that savages any saved data you have unless you are lucky enough to have a backup available from before the creation of the other accounts. (I had such a backup, but no thanks to this program.) When the program reports an issue, it rarely supplies information about the problem and tells you to log into your financial institution instead. It mysteriously develops problems that go away on the next update of an account. It gleefully miscategorizes things, and then creates a ripple of disharmony throughout your entire record of spending as it hides something and throws your entire big picture off. It is not an intuitive program, so if you plan on using it you will have to study it and look up information on forums before making any moves or you will regret it. Seriously. Go look at forums and see the nightmares people experience, and the fixes that are unavailable for them. I'd heard bad things about this program, but I decided to purchase it anyway because I thought that people were just picking on the brand. No, they weren't. This is shockingly bad. I think that I have spent more time trying to find fixes for problems with this thing than I would have spent using pen and paper and tracking this the old fashioned way, and then putting that info into other programs later. I think that I could have even spent less time if I generated the pie charts myself, as using a compass and protractor is not that complicated.