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  • lula - 'IN AND OUT' DOOR TANNING!!!

    i used it with (yes, i did) 30 spf OUTDOORS...and it really did work. It van be used for indoor and outdoor tanning...and i was so happy it worked with my spf. REASON...I WANTED TO TAN, BUT NOT BURN, and you cannot use this ALONE outdoors.

  • B. R. Bradford - You can read the night sky...

    This item is just as described. I don't know why the manufacturer uses a kid in its advertisement, as this is a serious tool for the night sky reader. It is clear and easy to use. It is lightweight and small enough to take along on trips, which greatly enhances its usefulness and enjoyment. If you really want to start star gazing, start with this.

  • HapHazard - Good Product - Poor Installation Experience

    I had an existing McAfee Internet Security subscription for my Acer laptop (which came originally with McAfee), and elected to buy this product from Amazon rather than extend my existing subscription because it was substantially less expensive. The first step in installation is to delete your McAfee products. As others have said, even though you receive a CD, your actually load the product from the McAfee Internet site. The downloading and installation process was straightforward, and did not take overly long. However, when completed, the McAfee Security Center (the user interface) did not run - it opened a blank box and sat there. The actual security programs were loaded and running (task manager verified this), but you had no control or information about them. As other reviewers here experienced, I then contacted McAfee Support, and after an extended remote console operation, the tech applied a fix to the installation and the Security Center was available. The initial installation took about an hour, and an additional hour to repair.

  • Amazon Customer - Get yourself a Blu Vivo RIGHT NOW !!!!

    OK, many things have been told abour Blu products, however after a LONG wait I've recieved my Vivo 4.3.

  • Renaissancelady46 - Keep them orderly!

    I used to think women were beyond organization till I discovered these binders. Now those pesky women are lined up, organized and orderly. If you are having trouble finding a woman to fulfill your state's nuissance EEO policy, just reach for your handy binders full of women! I. Have binders and binders full of them. The binders come in an array of colors to appeal to women and I try to wear a matching tie so I can appeal to women too!

  • Marcos Bowman - Super Awesome Program

    This program is the greatest digital sketch program you can buy and the price is amazing. I am a professional Industrial Designer and this program is what we use at work. It is so easy to use and the interface is kept very simple so it feels close to actually sketching in a sketch book. I recommend this to professionals and kids just starting out.

  • Diane Nibeck Smith - We tried to use another product thinking that she shouldn't need this anymore and she broke out terrible. This has been worth th

    My early 20's daughter still uses this. We tried to use another product thinking that she shouldn't need this anymore and she broke out terrible. This has been worth the price. It is cheaper here than other places.