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  • Jyjy smalt - This product gives me a terrible headache!

    OK, I like this product. I started using the shampoo and the conditioner. I find the "On the spot" product of Groganics useless. I stopped using the "Head full of hair" because it used to make my hair look dirty after it had dried. I then switched to the "Hair Gro-n-Wild." this product really works. My hair is growing fast.

  • Annie - I was told that this was a spectacular ASVAB study guide.

    I work for a national TRIO program (an educational consortium) in North Alabama. We work with students of all ages (middle school, high school, college, adults working towards their GEDs, etc) prepare for anything for which they need to prepare to help them be successful in life. As such, we have many different people coming in on any given day to study for any number of tests -- the GED, the GRE, the SAT, the ACT, the PSAT, and the ASVAB, among others. The purely academic tests -- ACT, SAT, GED, etc. -- are my forte. I know little to nothing about the ASVAB.

  • nunki osuna - I can not say enough good things about this product

    I can not say enough good things about this product. It has been a life saver after my car accident. I use it to ease the pain in my neck, lower back and shoulder. I prefer to use it when I can stay in bed at least for 30 minutes, and if the pain is really strong I would take a pill also. But if I have the pain but still have to go to work, I use it while driving or at work. It doesn't make any kind of sounds, so can be used discretely. The pads are reusable, I just make sure to wipe the area to remove any sweat or lotion

  • RebeccA FAIRES - These definitely curb your appetite!

    These work very well if you don't mind the jitters, I wasn't hungry all day when I took one it I was anxious and unfocused the entire first day. I wasn't as much the second day and it got better each day after. I recommend eating a small meal before taking it and drink plenty of water. I give them three stars because I have lost weight but the anxiety they cause at first was almost too much to bear.

  • sandi mckenzie - the neway drum did not fix the problem, replaced ...

    the neway drum did not fix the problem, replaced per the instructions and still getting the reading on the machine to replace drum, still having issues with printing as far as noise and lines on the papers.