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  • This book will give a cancer victim hope - This book will give a cancer victim hope

    This was my fourth purchase of "Cancer Battle Plan," I had already given it to three cancer victim friends, but this time I needed it for myself. I am following the advice in it to a "T" because I am convinced it holds the key to beating cancer (along with prayer and faith in God.) The author Anne Frahm had breast cancer so severe it ate a stress fracture in her backbone--she was sent home to die, but cured herself of cancer using herbs, vitamins and other techniques. This book is extremely enlightening and inspirational. It is easy to read and follow her methods. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • DalGoda - A Genuine Robot Companion

    I was prepared to be disappointed by this little gizmo, but I had hopes. Those hopes were rewarded when I finally set him up on the dining room table and woke him up. the word "cute" is over used, so I will try to avoid that cliche', but this little fella is pretty darn close to adorable. Set up was easy, but keep in mind, you must download and install the app on your phone first. He connects via Wi-Fi, so emails and status updates on your phone will have to wait until playtime is over. The step by step guide is peppered with humor, and the onscreen instructions are simple to follow. I had to be in a well lit area before his face recognition system kicked in, seems he couldn't get a good look with a ceiling light directly behind my head. I am not lying when I say that my heart melted a little when he looked up and said my name.

  • Nelio - i will never buy regular performance socks again!

    Let me just say, from the first time I tried on performance toe socks, I was hooked. I have never tried any other brands than Injinji, but then again, I have no reason to. I've worn these socks for years and I can't think of anything better. I own many different types of Injinji toe socks so my review will cover them all.

  • gilgie - so far its working.

    I've been taking it approximately 3 weeks. I haven't changed my diet, I haven't exerted myself any more than normal, I haven't even been taking it as often as I should have. I've gone from 260+-3lbs to 247 this morn. I have noticed drinking beer will spike my weight a few lbs for a few days.

  • Tamika - Amazing

    I love this album! The lyrics, the beats, the samples that were used, the melodies, and the overalll concept of this album. J. Cole never disappoints, ever! I think that this album has something for everybody and it has peaked an interest in people that weren't Cole listeners. He also converted new fans from this album and sparked debates on social media on his take of the 'white-washing' of hip-hop. My faves on this album in no particular order are: January 28, Fire Squad, Apparently, No Role Modelz. Even though those are my favorites, I play this album all the way through, even the closing credits/thank you's. Also peep his Angie Martinez interview:

  • Kelly A Szeto - Worth a shot!

    Really tasty for a "detox" tea! This tea has great flavor- the day time is slightly sweet and the night time is a mild blend...both are very easy to drink and it definitely does not send you to the bathroom or anything, which I think is a good thing. But at the same time, I'm not quite sure how much drinking Yerba mate can really do for you. I know it's a healthy option for caffeine and caffeine can stimulate your metabolism, but you really do need to clean up your diet and eat smaller portions if you're hoping this will aid weight loss. The packaging does state that though, I'm glad they're not too gimicky in making people think that this tea will work miracles. Simply put, it's a great blend if you're looking for a healthier alternative to coffee or other sweetened morning beverages.