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  • Amazon Customer - Good stuff

    I was quite happy with this product. My main complaint was that I wish it would have lasted longer. I will probably buy this again.

  • Jay Jay - More than a book...

    More than a book, thus book was life, real life. I felt their heartache, love, frustration and every emotion they had, so you can imagine how good this was and how good the writing is.

  • Andy Woo - works great

    a great option if you want to be able to carry your camera around safely without carrying around a conspicuous conventional camera bag.

  • toddlerangel - Not what I thought

    I was very excited about the stroller, I carefully read all the reviews but shortly after the purchase I was really dissapointed. I would take my child for daily walks, about mile long, the wheels started showing bad wear after only two weeks. After 6 weeks I noticed my son was sitting kind of funny and crooked. I finally decided to check the bottom of the stroller and noticed that the main support bar (plastic bar under the seat)was broken off on the right side. The stroller comes with a one-year manufactor waranty. I contacted the company and sent the pictures, they answered that I was the one that pretty much broke it. My son was only only 12 month old at the time. I still have the broken stroller in the trunk, my boyfriend repaired it as best as he could and I still use it. I have to I can't fold it all the way anymore but my son at least sits in an even position. I don't have [$] to spend every year for a new stroller, unfortunetelly.It is very difficult to manuever with one hand, the wheels don't turn easily, the basquet is useless because of the anoying bar that doesn't let you even put a small diaper bag. It is light though, that is the main reason why I got the stroller, considering my physical condition.

  • Krieghund360 - Good and on its way to become great!

    I normally do not feel motivated to write a review. But feel I need to share my experience with this console and what I have both learned and enjoyed, as well as a few things I consider that need to be improved for it to become a better device and to deliver a better experience.