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  • MaryH - Does the job.

    Works as well as my Waterpik that I previously had and is more reasonably priced than Waterpik. Like the design with the two compartments. Only complaint is the setting on the wand itself. Easily changes when I don't want it to. Waterpik has a dial on the unit and I prefer that.

  • hungryowl - QuickBooks rewires the Accounting/Difficult connect

    With the exception of Quickbooks, accounting software requires an accountant, or at least the knowledge of an accountant. Wisely, Intuit created QuickBooks to tell a user "when" a transaction should be entered through a highly reliable flow diagram. It is generally impossible for any person to erroneously enter a transaction. Clients find that creating a check, a sale, a purchase, or many other transactions that only accountants at one time were able to correctly create is as easy as clicking on a picture of a check, an invoice, or any of many other pictures representing a transaction type. Is that a debit, or a credit? Who cares...Quickbooks knows, and QuickBooks also knows what the offsetting entry must be in order to maintain perfect balance. How much do customers owe me, how much do I owe vendors, what are my best selling products, who are my best customers....answers to all these business questions plus answers to hundreds of other business questions that were quite difficult to answer not too many years ago without access to dozens of accountants is made magically easy by using quickbooks.

  • alaskafan - The only all purpose cleaner you'll ever need.

    This is absolutely the best all purpose cleaner we have ever used. A friend suggested we try this, and it is a mainstay in our home. We are going to use it in our industrial power sprayer to clean off years' worth of mold and slime on our wooden deck, and outdoor furniture. (I will add how this worked later!) it takes just minutes to clean thick grease on cupboards, a gas range, indoor mini grill, and our sinks, tiled walls and tubs are sparkling. That it is safe for humans, pets, plants, etc., makes it that much more perfect!

  • oregon girl - Webroot Secure Anywhere Advanced Internet Security

    I've been using Webroot for a couple years now and really like the product. It's not invasive and works seamlessly in the background taking care of everything for me. I read a lot of online reviews, unbiased, and settled for this product. I've been very pleased with it so far.

  • Laura A. Williams - Fantastic Hair Remover

    I love this hair remover! I am 47 and started to get extra face hair around my side burn area. This thing works perfectly and gets rid of the most fine hairs. It's quick and easy to use - all menopausal women should have one! hahaha Buy it you won't be sorry!

  • Wendy - Customer service unhelpful and software is not easy to use

    I have spent more time on hold (high call volume every time, why not hire more people?) than I have spent using the software. We had been using it for a general ledger and for payroll, but the payroll update prices are exorbitant. It is supposed to be geared toward small businesses, but I'm not making money if I'm on hold to customer service and the software is difficult to put to use. I would not buy this product again.

  • Suzie Q - Don't bother buying this

    Terrible product. Bought it for my mother and it didn't help her hair loss at all. Would not recommend this to anyone. I tried it last weekend and it leaves a film in my hair.