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Tick Repellent Guide - Know about Ticks and how to repel Ticks. Learn about Tick-transmitted diseases and how to protect yourself.

  • http://tickrepellent.net/about-us/ About Us - Tick Repellent Guide - Info on ticks and tickborne diseases and on repellents and ways to stay safe from tick borne diseases. Learn how to protect yourself and your pets.
  • http://tickrepellent.net/permethrin-best-tick-repellent/ Permethrin Tick repellent - Permethrin works as repellent against ticks, mosquitoes and most insects. Treat clothing and fabrics with Permethrin to protect you from ticks and mosquitos.

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  • Blue lines IS the most influential album of the 90s.The best - Blue lines IS the most influential album of the 90s.The best

    i can not see how anyone can say that mezzanine is better than blue lines. all those people giving blue lines 2 stars should be taken out side and shot. maybe thats a little harsh. anyway this album is one of the defining albums of the decade, without it ,music as we know it would be differnet and awful.

  • TimF - Good Mat, but run out of room if you're tall!

    I'm new to yoga and purchased this mat. My hands do slip a bit when I'm sweaty, but it does the job. I've never used another mat so I can't say if this is better or worse than others. However, it seems well constructed. My only problem is that I'm 6'5 so I run out of room sometimes. I can't really blame Gaiam though. Maybe there's longer mats out there for me to use.

  • Colt R - Works great for my Jeep

    I use these in my Jeep Wrangler Soft top that will leak water when it rains. The inside would get a musky smell after a hard rain but I open this up for a few days and it takes the moisture out. Probably a little overkill for the small size of a jeep but works great for me!

  • Lewis Culer - Monthly payroll fee not displayed by Amazon

    Warning. There is a monthly per/employee fee associated with this software in addition to the software cost. I just got a bill from Intuit Payroll. Amazon does not post this additional fee.

  • Scion Selfie - Not a bad phone

    I'm a deployed soldier. I left my Galaxy Note 2 home because I didn't want to risk losing it and bought this phone locally. It's not a bad device at all. It works just as good as any mid-range android device. I must say the weakest point is the battery life and the touch screen is not the most responsive.. Beyond that, I'm able to watch netflix, hulu, youtube, get all of other apps working with no problem.