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  • Back sufferer - Very Inaccurate

    We own three of these gauges and the vast majority of the time they all read 16 just as in the display. This is despite running two humidifiers in the house. In fact, the only way to get them to go up is to take them into a steamy bathroom during a hot shower.

  • Lizzie - There are no other car mats that compare!

    We live in upstate NY so of course all winter we have dirt, salt, mud, and snow coming into the vehicle. These mats keep all of that grime in the mat! They are easy to clean and are a must to keep any carpet looking great!

  • Walker Shaw - Nice inexpensive backback

    It was on sale at a huge discount. I bought it to pack with supplies and give away as part of a church initiative. It work great.

  • TINA - I really like the scent

    No joke... first night I used this, I woke up and the really bumpy acne around my jawline and on my cheek were completely flat and not irritated. I am so impressed! I really like the scent, it smells relaxing, sort of like a spa. But honestly, I bought this pillowcase because I was breaking out only on one side of my face, and I assumed it was from sleeping always on that side. I changed pillowcases every other day, but it was still there. This thing cleared up in a single night what would have taken about a week to clear up on its own. Crazy amazing! :)

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Excellent information. To the point and easy to understand. Hands on forms. Absolutely wonderful!!!!

  • bonliv - Silky feeling oil that absorbs quickly, great scent, keeps scar and surrounding area well moisturized

    Thank you Amazon for the great price on this product! My doctor recommended this to me after foot surgery to help moisturize and accelerate healing of my 4" and 2" scars... I actually went to a chain drug store to purchase, actually had the 4oz. bottle in my hand and as I was walking toward the cash register thought, "hey I should check out the prize on Amazon" and was thrilled to see it for less than half the price! I rarely (never) order from Amazon on my phone but in that instance, I used one-click ordering and it was on the way before I walked out of the drug store with my beef jerky and lip balm.