The Salt Spot - Salt Room Therapy - Sydney - Salt Therapy Sydney, Neutral Bay (02) 9953 1110 Salt Rooms provide natural treatment for Asthma, Emphysema, Dermatitis and other skin and respiratory ailments.

  • Asthma treatment, salt therapy, Neutral Bay | The Salt Spot - Salt therapy is a non-medical complementary treatment to support asthma sufferers. Salt rooms available at Neutral Bay.
  • Cold & Flu Treatment with Salt Therapy | The Salt Spot - Get rid of colds and flu fast with Salt Therapy. Salt has natural anti-inflammatory properties which relieve inflammation and congestion.

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  • Old Firehouse School - Love them!

    We now have them in our preschool classrooms. Extremely easy to use and very comfortable. All the teachers love them!

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    Used product on 3 occasions for 3 different job offers. Didn't smoke 2-3 days beforehand, downed the entire contents, refilled with water as it directs and drank that. The third hour is optimal. No problem.