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  • • View topic - WOW - - this is something! - amazing story still there are people who will choose not to believe it but i've read enough books about all of this stuff that i know the people who wrote them and were close enough to the clinton's to know stuff factually so i definitely believe the man be sure
  • • View topic - About that clary sage oil - i use it often in fact i use it when i make my homemade deodorant i simply mix a few drops of clary sage regular sage and sandalwood with everclear and viola - i have deodorant smells terrific body-friendly doesn't stain clothes like coconut oil based deodorants can do and
  • • View topic - Differences in salt? - my doctor says sodium is sodium do you agree with that statement here's some info that might make you look at salt a bit differently http products mercola com himalayan-salt salt-alternatives
  • • View topic - Red wine hot chocolate - if you like red wine and if you like hot chocolate you're gonna love this stuff on top of that it's an interesting read about her life it cracks me up because people who think they live quot in the middle of nowhere quot but only live minutes from a
  • • View topic - zotka scare mongering - https www washingtonpost com amphtml story html duh i knew the scare mongering about zika was justthat scare mongering the dug company s got big from our gov to come up with a vaccination idiots quot but to the great bewilderment of scientists the epidemic has not produced the wave
  • • View topic - immigrants bringing in active TB - oh just another reason to say yay bring 'em in by the thousands but just let hillbillary catch tb and see how she feels about her open borders with no vetting crapola like i said before i wish she'd just get into her bunker now and stay there forever the
  • • View topic - Industrial dairy going tits up? - or maybe i should have said udders up at any rate one can only hope it will happen and soon http articles mercola com sites articles archive dairy-industry-milk-glut aspx
  • • View topic - Proof Obamacare Was Designed to Fail... and Here's Why - https www youtube com watch v ulg vl e youtu be proof obamacare was designed to fail and here's why min video i feel that when people start cussing and speaking like an uneducated dirt bag they take away from what they are saying and loose credibility if talking in
  • • View topic - What about this? - tell me what you think is early voting a good idea do you think those quot votes quot just get lost in the shuffle over the next two weeks what about waiting until voting day - so much confusion so do those votes get lost in the shuffle or miscounted
  • • View topic - Cronyism at the gas pump? - believe me it's not just gas that's hiding a few secrets about money and how it's stolen from us there are plenty of things we pay much more for in grocery stores and other retail stores because they quot add in quot shipping taxes to their final retail price people
  • • View topic - 11 dead in italy from flu shot in 2014 - http www news com au lifestyle italy- af e http www naturalnews com flu v italy html lt i was sent this today http www ema europa eu ema index jsp d c this is what makes these quot reporters quot loose credibility this was from not i had to
  • • View topic - leftist media same par as National Enquirer - if that good what a bunch of losers http www lifezette com polizette anti-trump-violence-sweeps-the-nation just goes to show how hard-up people are for money in this country also the extremes people will go to for their minutes of fame - like defacing trump's star on the hollyweird quot walk of
  • • View topic - Wanna plant a tree? - this is called a forest pansy tree and i would love to grow one in our yard but they grow best in zones to i am in zone and it would likely not do well here so i'll have to think of another tree to replace the one we lost

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  • RHIT2002 - I have more energy

    I have terrible eating habits and that is probably why I have energy problems after I'm done working 8 hours. Since I've been having this every morning for breakfast, I have noticed that I have a lot more energy during and after work. The taste is good. It's not so good you are likely to binge on it, but I find it quite tasty. I agree with other reviewers that its even better with a banana. Kaluha would be awesome in it too ;o). There I go with my bad eating habits...

  • David Williams - After 1 bottle I have noticed an improvement in my ...

    After 1 bottle I have noticed an improvement in my vision. Hope it continues as I keep taking the product.

  • Matt Juhl - Works great IF you follow instructions exactly as described

    Works great IF you follow instructions exactly as described. Put it on 1 hour before my tattoo session. Took the guy an hour to prep because I had so many colors in my I only had about 2 hours of numbness for my 4 hour long tattoo. Definitely recommended.