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  • Ronald N. Olson - The shoes go on my feet and walking is comfortable. I just do not understand the sizing

    The shoes go on my feet and walking is comfortable. I just do not understand the sizing. I will send back for a bit larger size. I would be more comfortable with larger size. Otherwise I like the shoes very much.

  • London P. - A New Favorite!

    This smells and feels amazing. If I can feel a break out coming on, I put this on and I feel the irritation going away immediately. Which is amazing because it's so gentle. It can be used for so many different things which I love. Currently I am using it as a once daily toner and any time my face feels particularly dirty or irritated.

  • Marcia Balmadier - Meh.

    I had quicken 2011, and bought this one for rental management. I haven't yet seen any upgrades to the main part of the program (rental aside). The rental management bit is helpful --- not mind-blowing. Not disappointed I bought this software but it's not what I would call life-changing. Quicken hasn't changed much over the years... I think it's way overdue for a major upgrade.

  • Eliza - Install issue with rear facing.

    After two infant car seats(graco clickconnect 35 & Maxi Cosi leila travel system) and a convertable car seat (Britain Boulevard g3), I was certain a machine washable AND dryable was a MUST. I wasn't too concerned about installation since I was able to install all the other seats without issue. Turns out I should've taken a closer look at the latch on the Pria 70.

  • That Guy - The user interface is clean and easy to figure out

    Crisp display. Colors are true and are deep. The user interface is clean and easy to figure out. The smart remote although it takes a little time getting use to the lack of a 0-9 keypad works quite well.

  • somewhere in time - Recommend this to friends? I don't think so

    I thought this would be the coolest device (being a Mac addict). But the readings are all over the place. I took it to my Doctor's office to check it against what they had, and it gave an abnormally high reading. There is a great lack of consistency in the results, sometimes low, sometimes high - and if it can't get a reading, it just keeps inflating until you have to stop it because you think your arm is going to explode (which results in even more bizarre numbers). I'm only giving it one star because it has a clever design and Apple-like packaging. Very disappointed, and probably too late to return it at this point :(