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  • Rajesh Karia - Best Chromebook for 2015 with amazing crisp display.

    This is my 1st Chromebook & i simply love the Toshiba CB2 2015 edition. I had ordered the previous model on the 1st of Oct, but while scanning through Amazon on 2nd Oct i saw the new generation CB2 2015 on offer & quickly bought it after cancelling my old order. Coming back to the Chrombook, the display is top notch, i streamed a few YouTube videos & also from Netflix, it was such a delight to watch the high resolution videos on the Toshiba CB2. The Keyboard is amazingly tactile & you can hit it hard to enjoy the work flow as you type, the back lit key board is value addition. I have large hands & the keyboard is very comfortable. The track pad is very responsive with lots of nifty gestures. The Skullcandy audio output is very loud & clear & without any distortion. Web Browsing is such a delight with clear crisp rendering of text & images. For $ 329/- it looks like a very premium laptop. The textured outer body looks great & is non slippery. I will definitely recommend this Chromebook.

  • Dr Dean - Terrible out-sourced customer support!

    I purchased the Quickbooks Pro 2012 and downloaded it today. I called customer support thinking that they would help me. What was I thinking? I had to wait 52 minutes to speak to an adviser and the entire call lasted for 1 1/2 hours. The difference in that amount of time was me trying to explain what I needed to someone in Manila that spoke broken English and eventually I was told that I would need to pay $299 per year for something that I paid around $115. I asked the adviser if that made any sense to him and if he would pay more than twice as much for support than I did for the product. He didn't have an answer. Unless you're a guru at this kind of stuff, I'd suggest that you look around and research a little more. Very unsatisfied with customer service!

  • Anne Compau - MUST HAVE for families.

    I'd don't know where our family would be if not for this book. Son was given the typical "autism" diagnoses by his pediatrician despite me explaining many peculiar instances related to his diet and stomach health. Doctor and two NP's all ignored my concerns so I tool matters into my hands and started researching, not having a clue where to begin. Happened to see this book recommended on Amazon and finally rented it one day and wow the info blew me away. Partly because of the info in this book I arranged for my son to see a holistic pediatrician since his primary REFUSED to do blood or urine work, yes REFUSED. The holistic pediatrician immediately ordered the lab work that showed that YES his stomach was severely damaged and showed many food sensitivities, among many other things. He's now on the path to healing, but I can't help but think where we would be if I had NOT taken a stand and just went along with the good ol' "doctors" guess. Scary country this has become.

  • Amazon Customer - DOES NOT WORK. READ!

    THIS DOES NOT WORK!! All the negative reviews that existed before this crap got popular have been removed, buried, filtered out, etc. You couldn't buy a positive review before this garbage appeared on Dr. Oz. Now, you're hard pressed to find a negative review. It's marketing BS. Shameless advertising on their part. they know it doesn't work but you're willing to pay for a dream. I've tracked this from day one. Not impressed.

  • Shannon - Nothing else like it

    This stuff is my saving grace. It cleans my hard water stains off my shower like nothing else I've done. And I have done everything else no lie. I've used at least 10 other products as well as lemon juice, ammonia, vinegar, etc. I sponge this on, and then scrape off the crud with a large, cleaning size, razor blade. I can see out of my shower doors now.

  • K. Lane - These worked

    My cat had a mild form of plague on her teeth. I applied this to her teeth once a day for about a week or so and that was more than three weeks ago. She is still going strong with clean teeth, no plague. I will have to start again because her breath is not fresh anymore.