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Texas Discovery Gardens | Dallas Public Organic Gardens | Environmental Education and Activities | Tropical Butterfly House - Public Gardens in Dallas Texas, Educational Programs on Organic Gardening, Plant Tours, Ecology Education & More at the Texas Discovery Gardens. Beautiful Gardens in Fair Park, Dallas TX.

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  • Tara - challenging

    Started out easy, got harder, spent money, got disgusted with myself for buying my way they. Then made the best purchase, increases the lives to five and don't buy anything. Slow going, but I go back to older locations to earn more coins to use. Much more enjoyable when i'm not buying my way to the end.

  • Francine Leeson - Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer

    The best moisturizer I have ever used. It has a lovely rose scent and goes on smoothly. It leaves your face feeling refreshed and very smooth. I have used this product for years. It never disappoints.

  • Karie - I passed my exam!!!

    I purchased this Professional Review Guide for the CCA,2010 with the hopes that it would aid me in passing the exam.

  • Dr. James M. Rajchel - Well documented with clear, concise instructions. I especially ...

    Well documented with clear, concise instructions. I especially being able to access the user's manual electonically, either alphabetically or with a search term. The appearence makes the music appear to be professionally printed. This is a VERY POWERFUL WELL-THOUGHT OUT PROGRAM.

  • Vikky - Smells bad initially, but dissipates quite fast

    I have never used oil before and my motivation to purchase it might sound odd. I was researching solutions for under boob sweat and on a blog I read that this oil worked for her. Oddly enough, it does work. Once I received it, I could not wait to try it out. I squeezed a bit on my hand and OH MY GOD the smell was horrific (think goat cheese gone bad). Since I was not going anywhere, I did apply it on my face and under my breasts. I was thankful to discover that the smell dissipates quite fast. I am not sure if it is really that effective as an anti-aging serum, time will tell, but it works wonders for sweat. So if you decide to buy, don't get discouraged by the smell, it goes away as soon as your skin absorbs the oil.

  • Phyllis Adams - Exceptional Make-up Brushes

    I got my make up brushes in the mail a few days ago and I couldn't be more impressed by them. I really like the quality of these synthetic brushes and each of them have their own uses. There are 10 brushes in this set.

  • Lee Mann - Easy, Effective Diet with quick results!

    This is an easy diet to implement and has been very effective for me - 63 year old female weighed 152 at start, lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks and feel great! Not hungry and the sugar/insulin impact on fat cells makes sense! I thought I was eating a fairly healthy balanced diet until I started looking at the sugar content of favorite foods like Yoghurt! There is also an iPhone APP for the diet that I am using to track Carb servings and Sugar intake which is loaded with commercial and restaurant foods and allows you to easily add foods as you develop your own menus.