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  • Amazon Customer - One of the best high-output chargers on the market

    One of the best high-output chargers I have ever purchased hands down. Lightning fast charging capabilities for up to six devices at a time in a travel friendly size. A must have for travel and military personnel.

  • mike - In just a few hours my hair was suddenly soft!

    For years I’ve battled my hair. It never looked healthy and would just fall lifelessly over my shoulder as a crown of frizz formed. I was always embarrassed of it and would douse it down in hairspray to keep me from looking like Weird Al. Recently my hairdresser informed me that those years of hairspray did a number on it. Mainly it was the denatured alcohol that was drying it out and making it dull and lifeless. Taking his advice I switched to shampoos with Argan oil that would strengthen and nourish my hair, and used a ‘breakage defense’ conditioner in an effort to undo the damage. This seemed to help and pulled my hair from looking from dead and lifeless to lazy. There was now some shine in it, but it didn’t quite look perky and healthy.

  • Loretta Wheeler - A Sweet Cozy Serving Up Sweet Treats

    Author, Carolyn Dean, has given us a wonderful treat. Not just with the recipe she includes for delicious cinnamon rolls, but a delightful cozy with just enough mystery, delightful small town feeling and a perfect touch of romance. I say "touch of romance" with a smile on my face, because the author has handled the plot line with just the right amount of attention paid to the romance. This story is about a woman, a small town, and the people in it. Romance is the icing...the sweet topping for a well written cozy that makes you want to visit Ravenwood Cove, whether there's a guy waiting there for you or not :) I like this type of writing, showing the heroine as having her own grounding, her development just as important as that of the romance :)

  • Diana Rood - Surprising value

    I ordered these chairs for around the pool. Was skeptical b/c of low price, but they've proven me wrong. We used them at the family reunion, lots of people sat in them, they held up great. My ONLY complaint is that the pillow is attached, but not fixed or able to be "fixed" in one spot so they always end up in your lower back or somewhere you don't want them. I ended up taking it off b/c it's too annoying. BUT, the chairs are great and much cheaper than I've seen them anywhere else. Very comfortable too.