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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Amazon Customer - how I feel...

    I really like this back pack, however, it's a little smaller than I thought it would be. It is really cute though and has a lot of different compartments that are pretty handy.

  • Edith - A great little book!

    I have been buying this book for years, I give it to anyone I know that has cancer. It's informative and easy to read and the fact that it was written by a cancer survivor makes all the difference in the world. Plus, I agree with her logic about battling cancer. Gives the reader things that he/she can do to fight it. It's also good to read for prevention.

  • Kyle - It's alright

    I have been taking this supplement on and off for a couple of years. I haven't seen many benefits, but I am unsure if my body is able to metabolize all of the vitamins in this supplement. Either way, I haven't experienced any ill effects, so it's okay!

  • Amazon Customer - Not waterproof at all

    Bought a pair less than a week ago. Walking through the rain for 10 minutes in Boston this afternoon and my feet were soaking wet. Not waterproof in the slightest. Will be returning as soon as possible.

  • Ponyo - great for stress

    I love this tea. I was having chest panic attacks from too much stress and I could feel it numbing my chest after finishing a cup. Sometimes I needed two or three cups but it worked. After doing a few other life style changes and including this tea I was back to normal.

  • Mind Trip - Intuit's customer support is a joke.

    Intuit's customer support is a joke. If you want to waste your day, or days in my case, talking to "customer service" an overseas, clueless person, who just wants to sell you a subscription for product support, buy an Intuit product. Thick accent "Debbie" (who was actually had a man's voice) kept telling me "Mam, you will have to buy support since you did not just purchase this program, it's been over 2 months." Never mind if it's actually a programming glitch in the way Intuit's POS program takes non taxable sales and updates them in Quickbooks PRO as taxable. Never mind that the POS program didn't charge the customer the sales tax, however now QB PRO the sales tax liability report is showing your business now owes the sales tax. How much time do you have to waste trying to figure out which sales out of the hundreds made that month are inaccurate. Not to mention that Intuit's POS program never has kept accurate inventory. Don't even get me started on that! One would think that if the same company makes accounting software and point of sale software that the programming would allow the data to flow accurately from one to the other. But then that would make too much sense and how would "Debbie" sell those support subscriptions!

  • Natalie T - Versatile, thick, soft, plush, & adsorbent towel!

    WOW! What a soft, plush, and expensive feeling sports towel! I really didn't think I'd ever use those synonyms in a sentence to describe a sports towel! But I must say, this quick drying and super absorbent towel by Sport2People really is luxurious when it comes to sports towels. And just because "sports" is used on the Amazon sale page, don't let that deter you from purchasing this towel! It could be used for swimming or even as a bath towel while traveling i.e. hiking or camping. This would work really great as a high school graduation gift too if the graduate will be in a tiny box of a dorm room, like I was back in the day. I personally use my gorgeous towel during my yoga and Pilates practice because I am dripping sweat by the end! And again, this is very absorbent, which really is great for anyone, but great for the fitness enthusiasts. I really like how this towel is packaged in a mesh bag. Someone may just think this is the package. However, if you have ever taken a Bikram yoga class or even a hot yoga class, you know how much you drip sweat! This bag is so nice for carrying a nasty sweat drenched towel in straight to the washer once home. The mesh bag still lets the towel breathe and dry, but keeps it contained until it is able to be cleaned.