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  • D. Ann B. Woodle - Five Stars

    I love my handle! I just received my second one for my husband! A quality prroduct and fast shipping.

  • Miguel Gonzalez A - It captures every movement with great detail.

    My little brother and his friends use this digital video camera to record their Parkour traces, it’s really great they tape every time they meet and watch afterwards all the movements trying to study to make them better and improve their skills, the cam is really awesome thanks to the 720p HD digital video recording they can take each and every movement with great detail and if they need they can also take pictures, sometimes I go and help them taking the cam to record and I love all the functions and features on this it’s a pretty cool cam.

  • granddaddy - this is fun

    Where else can I hunt something without having to clean it? It is a really fun game and have already gotten a bunch of my hunting buddies to play as well!

  • Laura P McCabe - Not worth the $$$ at all...

    I rarely post reviews but I felt compelled on this one because I was SOOOO excited when I heard of this product and really wanted it to be my "silver bullet" for fake tan since I am prone to skin cancer so I have to rely on fake stuff to have any color on my pale skin. That said, I've used MANY over the years and this one worked ok but cost Much more than most (like 4X). I will not order again and will likely stick with my personal recommendation of Neutrogena as it produced equal results for about 1/4 the cost (about $10 vs. $40 for this stuff!! crazy price). Good luck with whatever you use!

  • Preshrunk - Great product better price

    I have been using this product for years and can't give it enough praise. My concern with it is that it came in international packaging not the usual packaging. I wonder how long it has been on he shelf because philosophy only has a 2 year shelf life and I wonder how long it has been since the product was made.

  • Mark E. Jimenez - A complete waste. Bitdefender has the worst customer service in the ...

    Don't buy this. A complete waste. Bitdefender has the worst customer service in the business. Go elsewhere.