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  • mom4three - very helpful!

    I have only been using the book for a couple of months, but I am seeing a difference in my child's reading and writing. Thank you!

  • Kristine Weaver - Awesome makeup brush!

    I own a lot of makeup brushes. I have to say that for putting on even, flawless foundation this is an awesome tool. The bristles are soft and feel wonderful on your skin, the foundation melts into your skin and looks so natural and smooth you can barely tell its on. I would purchase more of these in a heartbeat. Thank you for making a great, affordable product.

  • Sheila Bragg - Excellent Product!

    I was using a product prior to this one to get more magnesium but I never could seem to tell a difference. I can take two teaspoons of this and I can tell it works. My leg cramps are gone. I don't have to take it daily (and trust me...you don't want to take it daily unless you want to stay in the bathroom). I take it usually about twice a week. The taste is like a fizzy soda with a little salt. I honestly don't mind it at all. My mother had recommended this product to me because this is what she uses.

  • Shannon - A Great Record

    I think this album is destined to be divisive. The folks who love it are really going to love it, and vice versa. I see it becoming a cult/ fan favorite album in the vein of Christina Aguilera's album Bionic. There are other Bionic parallels as well. Like that record, I think this one will be misunderstood. It has a more upbeat, experimental first half and a personal, more organic second half. And, for me, it's great. I respect Lady Gaga's restless energy and the fact that she tries different things on her albums. Her ideas don't always work, but I love her creativity and her willingness to give new things a try. Her new approach on this record works very well and she may win herself some new fans with this personal intense record. Listen with an open mind and you may find that you like it too. Highlights for me would be Joanne, Diamond Heart, John Wayne, Come to Mama and Million Reasons. Get the deluxe version for the excellent song Grigio Girls. A Wonderful pop record from the Lady.

  • Steven Hughes - Amazing, but doesn't throw too far

    I bought this from a different seller, but wanted to leave a review here anyway. This light is incredible. 740 lumens in an EDC flashlight? Yes, please! I carry this clipped in my front left pocket every day, and I hardly notice it's there. It is lightweight and slender enough not to get in the way. This is a near-perfect tactical/self-defense flashlight. One good feature is that you can activate the strobe mode from any brightness setting, and it always strobes at 400 lumens. (My previous Fenix had a different special mode for each brightness setting.) This means I can keep the light on a lower mode for everyday tasks and always be ready to strobe if I want to disorient someone.

  • Laura M Piawlock - 10 Summertime Treats

    Finally, the recipe for PUMPKIN JUICE. LOL! Don't know that I want to make it or drink it, but after all these years of wondering what it is, it's great to have. A few other things in the book sound tasty and I might try them.