Medical diagnosis: How correct diagnosis can save a lifeSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS | "Ask not what the symptoms of a disease are; ask what the symptoms of a particular patient mean." - Medical diagnosis: Learn to analyze symptoms and put everything together to make the right diagnosis. Correct and timely diagnosis can save lives.

  • Symptoms and diagnosis: participate in the book projectSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Symptoms of diseases: Are you asking the wrong question? Learn to think like a doctor and participate in the SYMPTOMS and DIAGNOSIS book project.
  • Patient stories: What doctors and patients can learn from themSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Doctor Sapkota shares his real patient stories to teach the readers about overcoming challenges with symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of unique patients.
  • Pneumonia symptoms based on patient age and health statusSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Diagnosis of pneumonia does not mean the same thing for everyone. Your age and your heath status changes your pneumonia symptoms and prognosis.
  • Self Diagnosis: What do my symptoms mean?SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - You can absolutely self diagnose yourself as long as you ask the right question and obtain some basic knowledge, click to learn how: Anyone can do this.
  • Medical Misdiagnosis: Alarming StatisticsSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Medical misdiagnosis is more common than you think, review the statistics and learn what you can do about it.
  • Tired all the time - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - "Why am i so tired all the time?" Learn about medical causes of fatigue and tests to detect them. What to do if everything is normal?
  • Silent heart attack - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - A silent heart attack occurs when you do not have any symptoms from your heart attack or when you unknowingly ignored atypical heart attack symptoms.
  • congestive heart failure life expectancy - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Congestive heart failure life expectancy numbers explained by doctor Sapkota with specifics related to disease stage, gender, age and medication compliance.
  • Heart attack symptoms - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Doctor Sapkota explains everything you need to know about heart attack symptoms in plain English.
  • Pancreas pain - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Pancreas pain: MD explains when you need to be concerned about symptoms of pancreatitis
  • Low potassium symptoms: MD explains the detailsSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Low potassium symptoms explained in plain english by MD: click here to learn the role of potassium in your heart, muscle, nerves, kidneys and digestive tract
  • What causes vertigo? - SYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSISSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - Dr Sapkota explains different causes of vertigo in plain English and points out things you can do to help your doctor find the exact cause of your vertigo.
  • White Blood Cells in UrineSYMPTOMS AND DIAGNOSIS - What does it mean to have White Blood Cells in urine? How do they get there? How can you detect them? Click here to find detailed answers written by MD

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  • Karen Alicia Nava - Not a Close Trim

    This new version with a light compares nothing to the older model. The plastic nubs at either end of the trimmer head create a barrier to get closer. So when trimming eyebrows, etc. , it's awkward to have to angle it to trim in a straight line. The light didn't add anything in my opinion.

  • Hughes Family - As a family we love this game

    As a family we love this game! My children play this game daily! Has song that you can buy as well as additional ways to dance to a song!

  • Cassandra Maya - it does not explain

    it does not explain things very well. My nine year old has a very hard time following the lessons it does.

  • forrie lowell - The Best version comes to Blu-Ray!! (a blu-ray review only)

    A Christmas tradition every year is to watch some media version of Dicken's Classic "A Christmas Carol", Of all the scores of versions which have come out over the years in color, animation, with lots of computer inhancements, NONE hold a candle to this 1951 British adaptation of the classic short story,