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  • David Morach - Install a pain

    All I wanted to do is key in my new authorization number to continue my subscription. Once there was a way; now there is NO CLEAR PATH to do so! The only reference to renew is to purchase the the product from Best Buy. I had to proceed unnecessarily through the entire process and install the product as a new customer. I ended up losing a couple of weeks coverage on one machine. What a bunch of bull!

  • Jay Squared - Good, useful product

    A very good, effective product. I use one a day an hour or two before bedtime and I sleep very well. The manufacturer is a responsible company that uses root product only and standardizes the kavaclatone percentage. Problems with this product (after centuries of trouble-free use) occurred when the demand spiked and not enough root material was available to supply the demand. Unscrupulous companies supplied Kava products derived from other parts of the plant, which are highly toxic to the liver. The deaths of some Kava users almost made Kava permanently unavailable in this country. I'm so glad that didn't happen.

  • angie kirby - works pretty good

    I am writing a review for extra strenght sleep sweet dreams formula I got this thinking one day something has got to give. I suffer from major depression, anxiety, ptsd, panic attacks, bi polar and insomnia. I mean INSOMNIA I am lucky if I sleep more then a hour at a time. And no more then 3 hours a night in a fitful sleep tossing and turning , waking up and all that nice jazz. I took this thinking worse case it dont work best case I will get a few hours of sleep. Well it was the best case for me anyhow. I slept from midnight till 7 30 am only waking up once on the first night I took it. For me that is huge. I have had many prescriptions and nothing works for more then a few hours. I toss and turn and wake up even in those few hours. I woke up after taking the total sleep and I am still tired but that is to be expected when you dont sleep. But I did sleep hours more then I have in a long time. My soon to be husband was impressed because that meant for the first time in over a month a went to bed with him and woke up with him. I would definitely recommend trying this if you are looking for something natural and something that works. I received this product at discount for my honest testing and review. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and receive no incentives or rewards for doing so. My aim is to highlight features and drawbacks that I would want to know about as a buyer, not hype the product for the manufacturer. My remarks are sincere and my own. While it is true that many items are received at discounted rates or complimentary, my reviews are completely honest and are my personal experiences with the product. Again, it is just my opinion, your own opinion might vary. I received no monetary compensation and I am not required to give a good review.

  • Team Sigma - Excellent buy for GRE Prep

    I have not taken the GRE yet but I plan to and here is my review so far: Overall, the content of the book is condensed yet concise. The book does a great job of easing you into the material. It focuses on the tips and tricks to taking standardize tests. There are a few practice questions but the book analyses the questions in depth instead of just giving the answer. The language is well written and easy to comprehend. It’s an excellent guide, but you will need to purchase other supplemental materials especially if you’re looking to improve your vocabulary or if you need more practice questions.

  • Kelid - Really super useful for compression pain and fits easily at work. Would highly recommend to everyone.

    I bought this because of the decent reviews, and found that this was really great for the wrist. It's heavy enough that it won't slide all over the place, and it's soft and comfy and helps lots. It is easily moveable and so far I love it! Three of my co-workers have purchased these also, after borrowing mine for a while.

  • David - Corey, please stop

    This is the kind of album that almost makes you feel bad for the artist that produced it. I say almost, because it's a desperate, hail mary pass from a 45 year old former 80s child star doing everything he can do to stay relevant, and even though he fails miserably with this embarrassing, nonsensical nightmare he's still doing better than I am financially.

  • Elle - He's a perfect little guy

    He's amazing he's like the real life johnny 5 I always wanted . And what's great is unlike micano I didn't have to spend to days to build