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  • judy james - Not sure if this is a good trade off

    I have taken zeal for over two years now. Still extremely tired all the time, still depressed, Still have anxiety attacks. The only plus is my blood pressure has gone down. Not sure if this is a good trade off.

  • jill d - 5 - You're My Tribe - Stars

    I had no idea what I was getting into when I started Punk 57, but I have faith in the author and am so glad I read this book. This is a complete stand-alone and it is easily one of the best books I have read all year. Angst, drama, love and sometimes hate all come together to make this one story you don't want to miss. 

  • Loser - best product.

    downloaded within min easy to install fast and cheap best antivirus program i'm been using Webroot for about 9 years. IDK WHY AMAZON REQUIRE 20 WORDS OR WON'T LET YOU POST A REVIEW ( WORKS AS DESCRIBE VERY FAST FAST DELIVERY VERY HAPPY WITH PURCHASED ) I GUESS IT'S NOT ENOUGH.

  • shanetscape - Read the reveiws first...Microsoft wants it this way...sad

    I should have read the reviews first. This will not install on computer with O365. Who knew Microsoft wants us to read FAQ's before we buy their software. Just wasted $600. Feeling sad :(

  • K.E.Strelec - Keeps You Feeling Clean During That Time Of The Month

    I must say I am impressed with this product. I originally bought it for a gag gift for one of my girlfriends bachelor party. Apparently she used it and bragged to me about how well it worked for her. She finally talked me into giving it a try and like I said I am impressed. I used it during that awful time of the month and it really left you feeling fresh and clean. The scent is not strong but you can definitely smell a bit of vinegar in it. The smells goes away quickly and does not linger. The directions are a bit confusing to me, so I just spray it on the toilet paper , wiped and that's it. I do wish I could buy it in a bigger bottle, It really does a great job!

  • Amazon Cust - Working well - good product and great value.

    Initially, mike did not work for more than one minute. After charging, the mike works OK but switch appears to not always make good contact. We're using it and find it to be very good construction and audio range other than that switch issue. We've recommended it to others as well. We will probably buy another but would need a CH01 mike.

  • Adam Echeverria - amazing

    makes me look like a smart guy. I really love how it fits my temple.. the price is pretty affordable too!