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    Country:, Europe, PL

    City: 21.0362 , Poland

  • Arizona - where a cloudy day is a welcomed pleasure! - Got this for my 5 year old great grandson's birthday

    Got this for my 5 year old great grandson's birthday. The sound effects are so very realistic, so even the adults enjoyed the duo. He loved them, and it seemed like it was his favorite gift. Exceptionally well made. He was very rough with both, but they took the punishment. All the sounds made everyone smile which means they're not irritating like some toys can be. I even want one.

  • liquidationhaircare - superb!!!!!

    For year's we have heard the expression "You are What You Eat." There is some truth to this food tale. Researchers have determined that the foods men eat can positively and negatively impact Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction or ED, is a sexual dysfunction that leads to men having diminished erections not sufficient for sexual intercourse, or no erection at all.

  • N. Ramjohn - GREAT PRODUCT

    I originally bought this item for my dad, he asked me to search for this as his boat which was under repairs was infested with roaches! YUCK! he said his boat is back on the water and is free of the roaches...it works and he is happy with it !

  • Honest Joe - Worked great when i used it. I was surprised!!

    Had a leaking head gasket, figured I would try it out after being recommended by a mechanic (friend of a friend). And surprisingly it worked out great. Drove the truck around for over a year until I found something else.

  • chris - Works great on convertible glass repairs

    I used it to fix the back window on my convertible. The canvas pulled away from the glass and was leaking. Worked good.

  • B. Copeland - I'm blown away!

    Having played guitar for almost 20 years, and being an avid tablature reader, I was very skeptical at first. However, Rocksmith completely blew my mind!

  • W. Breeding - ... had my Element Ti4 for 2 weeks now and love this box

    I have had my Element Ti4 for 2 weeks now and love this box! It came preloaded with tons of apps and gives you the flexibility to get others if you need to! The Kodi version is the latest stable one along with typical android and google apps. I have the Ti4 on a wireless connection with my network and it has no problems with download speed. The back has 3 usb ports and it has expandable memory through it's flash drive port.