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Emotional Psychological Abuse-Power-Control-Domestic Violence-Bullying - Are you safe, free of fear? Learn about emotional abuse, the dynamics of power and control, domestic violence, workplace bullying, school bullying, and more.

  • https://speakoutloud.net/about-clare Hello … I am Clare Murphy - This blog contains articles researched and written by Clare Murphy PhD about domestic violence, psychological abuse, coercive control.
  • https://speakoutloud.net/about-clare/testimonials Testimonials - Clare Murphy PhD is a respected counsellor, coach, domestic violence trainer with expertise in coercive control and psychological abuse.
  • https://speakoutloud.net/contact-me/comment-policy Comment Policy - I welcome and value your comments. Readers of my website welcome your comments. I encourage free expression of your specific personal experience. Please no
  • https://speakoutloud.net/about-clare/philosophy Clare’s Philosophy - Articles about domestic violence, psychological abuse, coercive control using postmodern, and poststructural feminist theory about power and control.
  • https://speakoutloud.net/about-clare/qualifications Clare’s Qualifications - Clare Murphy PhD is a leader in the field of domestic violence. She is an expert in psychological abuse and coercive control.
  • https://speakoutloud.net/about-clare/researcher Clare’s Research - Clare Murphy PhD is a leading researcher in domestic violence, with a particular expertise in coercive control and psychological abuse.
  • https://speakoutloud.net/articles Articles about domestic and family violence, coercive control and psychological abuse by Clare Murphy, PhD - Articles about psychological abuse, domestic violence, male perpetrators, female victims, coercive control, power and control tactics
  • https://speakoutloud.net/counselling Counselling and Support with Clare - Clare Murphy counsels and empowers you to flourish whether you’re living with abuse or moving away from abuse. Growth does happen after trauma.
  • https://speakoutloud.net/get-help/questions Questions - Links about child custody issues for battered women, about what is emotional abuse, and about how to help women who are being psychologically abused
  • https://speakoutloud.net/supervision Supervision for Professionals - Clare Murphy PhD supervises counsellors, professionals in the family violence sector. She provides supervision on the phone, Skype or face-to-face.
  • https://speakoutloud.net/talks Talks and Training - Clare provides community education about masculinities and coercive control to police, probation, social workers, lawyers, psychologists, counsellors
  • https://speakoutloud.net/contact-me For private consultation … safe counselling … and inspiring coaching … - CONTACT ME for private one-on-one counselling, coaching, or consultation. CONTACT ME to discuss Professional Supervision and Professional Mentoring. Using

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