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  • R. Williams - Part of my gout prevention!!

    I developed gout in the past 4 years. I haven't tried any prescribed medication so I went the natural route. I currently use This product and tart cherry juice concentrate. I had a recent flair up ( I had run out of cherry juice and the turmeric/curcumin pills). I bought both again and my gout cleared up in a few days. Will be buying this monthly as a preventative measure!

  • Jeanne Schmitz - The best product I have found yet!

    This is my second jar of this wonder serum. I think it's the best out there for filling in crease lines in your face. Put it on, and 20 minutes later, you look like a new person! Someone was selling some other company's product and asked if I was interested. I said "no, thanks, I just spent a small fortune on (this) product. She didn't ask what the product was, but instead said, "whatever you are using, it works great!" I have to agree.

  • carolyn in brentwood - Human details make election process come alive

    I have read a number of books and articles assessing the 2012 election, and this is amoung the top two or three. I realize more clearly than I had how important the character and motivation of the candidates impacted their campaigns. For example, Rick Perry's decision to have back surgery before he started his campaign, influenced his stamina in debates and campaigning. Seemingly small decions by a campaign could have major impact on the results. And Batz' writing style is invitational in letting the reader in on some insider information. He seems to have talked to everyone. I enjoyed it immensely and was sorry when it ended.

  • Joshua - Meehhe

    Hmmmm knowing what I know now, probably would not have purchased it. Doesn't always work period, sometimes starts the truck after I hit lock twice just to lock the doors(supposed to only start after three presses of the lock button). Very inconsistent with when it will work and won't and ranges. Sometimes it will start from like 300 ft away but sometimes it won't when I'm 25 ft away.

  • KEYJONZ - Results in 10 Days

    Saw this product line featured n InStyle mag's Best Beauty Buys.I wanted,and got,improvement in nose to mouth lines.I used it each morning making sure to massage it in an upward motion to each line.Although I did not see results in a week as advertised,I did in 10 days.Both lines are softer in look and less crease- y.