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  • G. S. Peres - foul foul foul

    Growing up in South America, sometimes I had one of those emergency "nature calls" while in the road. Imagine that gas station, with nothing but the slimiest, dirtiest, most disgusting bathrooms, where the last 20 people to use it that day were overweight, hairy chested, mustached, wife-beater wearing men, filled with 3 pounds of pork and corn waiting to be slid out of their crap shoots. Now imagine all of those 20 guys didn't flush. That my friend, is Liquid Ass.

  • Oorgi barissa - Kaplan pcat

    This book is great for math ,English ,biology ,and general chemistry . As for organic chemistry section, you need other materials because this book does not have enough information. I can say there is barely few info.about Ochem in this book

  • J. P. Singer - Just what they say they are

    I have used them for a week and so far I like them. They are easy to set up with any device, easy to use, and seem well made.

  • Eric R. Roberts - Awful software

    Word 2010 is a terrible piece of software. Wish I had bought an apple. Bill Gates and Microsoft should be ashamed. They know perfectly well what piece of crap this program is and they keep selling it. They have lost my respect and I would never advise anyone to buy microsoft products again.

  • Laura Gould - Love it

    I'm currently planning a trip to Italy and have no idea what I'm doing. This book has made all the difference. I feel so much more prepared and informed. The only problem is, sometimes when I'm trying to plan something out I wish I could just shoot him and e-mail to ask him the specific question!