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  • Natalieg - Part 2 to Lego city under cover

    If you love the first Lego City Under Cover on Wii U this is the second part continuation. I actually loved playing 2 games. After the first game I kind of missed the whole structure and story and this was just enough to keep us all busy. Same concept and strategies but different levels. Great looking graphics too

  • Scouser - Ideal For People Having Problems Sleeping

    I Just sat throught this Film and can say for Sure, I won't EVER watch it again.. Awful does'nt come close to rate this Rubbish. Most exciting thing about this movie is the DVD Cover..The story plot was no point, The acting from Woman with cut on her back (Who thankfully Died) was so wooden I wanted to slap her, and Tell her to go back to acting School....

  • Ms. Le Chat - Excellent!

    High quality, easy to chew, not gritty or chalky, nice subtle flavor, not too sweet. My husband and I take one of these twice a week for our B12 - we are both over 50, so need a good source of easily assimilated B12, and I am a vegan, which means I also would need to supplement even if I were under 50. 1,000 mg/week of this form of B12 is more than adequate, according to top nutritionists and specialists in vegan and over-50 nutritional requirements. We don't take any other supplement, as research indicates nutritional supplements are simply unnecessary and potentially damaging. We eat a well-rounded, mostly plant-based (husband) diet.

  • J.P.B - Speed settings for fan don't work, it goes on and off, that's it.

    Supposed to have 3 speed settings for the fan, and it does display 3 settings, but only one works. (as you cycle through the others it stays completely off) The one that works seems to be the powerful one, so I guess I'm glad it works at all, and I can't imagine it'd be worth my while to send it back at this point, or even try to figure out what the problem is. Unfortunate.