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  • Adub - This is a great mask! I have long hair

    This is a great mask! I have long hair, that is very corse and has a tendency to get very dry. I use this mask once a week while I shower and let sit for 5-10 minutes. I use instead of a conditioner and my hair always feels so much softer after! I highly recommend this product, it's one of the better hair masks I have used.

  • Amazon Customer - Ok, but not great

    Some of the stories were interesting. All were unusual which evidently was a criteria. To my surprise I liked the one about running with the Bulls of Pamplona. I thought the one about going to dentists in France was strange.

  • Laura - It's your basic bubble wrap stuck to a calendar.

    The calendar was shipped nicely. It was rolled in a sturdy box. It is basically a simple calendar with a layer of bubble wrap over it. You get some bonus bubbles since the bubbles are exactly like those that you would use for wrapping, they are not simply over each date. I mean, it's bubble wrap, so of course we had a blast popping the bubbles. However, it is pretty unattractive and I would not hang it it up. I think it would look much better if the bubbles were only over actual dates vs your basic sheet of bubble wrap. Also, other than the joy of popping a bubble each day, it's less useful than a regular calendar that you mark off with a pen or pencil. You can't really see which bubbles have been popped vs the ones that have not until closer examination. So, what did we do? We just had fun banging the air out of the bubbles during a couple of mornings.

  • coffeedrinker - Great solid bike

    I bought this for my 12 year old son based on a coworkers recommendation, he rode BMX bikes for years. WOW both of us were pleased, me with how well it was built and him for the fun and looks. He won't stop riding it !!!!! Also great price. One thing you should know is that this should be put together by a BMX bike shop to have it adjusted properly, cost for this was $40.00. You can do it yourself, but it was worth the piece of mind to have PROS build it.

  • D. Mieras - Look no further for furniture care products

    I bought this along with their Feed-N-Wax. I used it to clean an old desk and an antique dining table. Using very fine steel wool, the product cleaned up a couple of old water stains on the table and freshened the old finish on the desk. Following up with the wax, the pieces of furniture look great and the finish is not at all sticky. Don't have to look any further for furniture care products. I was using Murphys' products that were less than satisfactory and wanted something better. This is it!

  • summerbaby06 - This bottle is awesome! It is big

    This bottle is awesome! It is big, but it works well for me whenever I'm at zumba class and I want to drink cucumber flavored water or lemon water (which is detoxifying. the cup inside that holds the fruit, is big enough to hold it in there and really goes down far enough that it flavors your whole water. I like the design of it as well. I have had other bottles before this, but I did not like them as much because the cup that holds the fruit on the inside was too narrow and you were limited by how much you could put in there. I like the size of the bottle as well because i can get more water in it instead of constantly having to go back and refill. it's also easy for me to clean, which is a big plus because sometimes mold can develop in these types of cups if your not careful.

  • Robert Kaplinsky - Cross bars are great but I couldn't get past step 1 of the installation

    I gave this product five stars because the bars themselves are excellent. The dealer thought they were Toyota brand until he had examined it for a bit and then thought they were just as good. The only problem (and why the dealer was even looking at them) was because I could not get past step 1 in the instructions.