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  • Mike B. - Versace/Versus Blue Jean

    This is truly my signature fragrance, I have been using the colonge for almost 10 years goes great at any time of day. The Versus logo is owned by the Versace label (look it up yourself). Because it is an old fragrance it was moved under the Versus label for their cheaper colognes. Any how still is the same quality and smell as if it still had the versace label.

  • Rachel Dawn - Straighened with one pass on low heat. No burning hair smell. No skin burns.

    I guess it's all in what you're expecting. I have tried several of these "high end" (or maybe just high-priced) hair tools in the past few months. This one is actually a keeper.

  • mylasthope - Great Party Game

    Although the game might not be as accurate as it should be with the improved kinect, it is still a blast to play with friends.

  • amaquin - Good, but Donald.

    Good story. Good acting. Good writing. Billy Bob being the confident tough guy is always satisfying. He reminds me of the actor from 50 years ago who says "of all the gin joints you came into mine".

  • Emilia Arata - ... wish I could give this product 0 stars a waste of money

    I wish I could give this product 0 stars a waste of money!!! cheaply made, BURNS YOUR HAIR. I bought this product when it was $325 and returned it cause I couldn't learn how to use it and refused to give me a full refund and lied about me damaging the product. Please please don't buy this product!!!!!!

  • J. Mailly - No better and no worse than before

    2003 Camry with 130K miles had a very minor drip from the rear main seal. System capacity is 5.75 quarts and this bottle says it treats 6 quarts. Added the entire bottle and months later the leak persists. No better and no worse than before. Didn't work for me at all.

  • Sara V - Fast relief for a painful condition

    I love this product. The three DVD's take you first through a diagnosis of your type of sciatica. My chiropracter didn't even know that their were different types and treatment is different. The explanations are so clear and practical that it is easy to figure out your type. There are different stretches according to each type and within three days I was out of pain. I do the universal stretches now to stay pain free. But even better, they target the real problem which is a muscle imbalance. Again, through very simple steps you find out your particular muscle imbalance and how to correct it. I have just started working on the exercises for my particular muscle imbalance which is a high hip. I have talked about these DVD's to so many people and now, even my chiropracter wants a set. I would highly recommend these tapes. For $77.00 you will receive the equivalent of hours of therapy and a program to stay pain free for life.