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  • Alicia J. - Great results!!

    This product has worked wonders on my face. For the past year, I have been fighting two medium sized wrinkles on my forehead. In using this product for only two weeks, every other day, I can see a drastic improvement in the lines. They are still present, of course, but so much less defined. (Let's be honest, no product is going to make lines magically disappear. You will need surgery or injections for that.) I love the way my skin feels when I use the product, and my husband has commented that my skin looks clearer and brighter. I would recommend following the packaging's advice and start out using it every other day. I tried every day for the first three days, and my skin started to dry out and flake because of the ingredients.

  • Tammy - ... have this product for a 3 weeks and I like it.

    I have this product for a 3 weeks and I like it. .I notice the top part of my butt,which is s little flat trying to fill out...will reorder

  • Amazing Bugs - good white underarm now

    At first I am a bit skeptical about using this product if it will really whiten my underarm but so far after using it for more than a week now, my underarms become more smoother and lighter, There are lots of brand of deodorant and underarm whitenings that I've tried but Ive never seen one that can give me a faster result. So far I'm happy with the results and will just continue to use this cream to have the full effect.

  • Nancy Armellino - So perfect!

    Love this planner! It is HUGE and so so perfect! I use it every day and keep it on my desk. The prints are so charming and the layout is superb. Can't recommend it enough!

  • Crissy - LOVE THIS STUFF!

    I am embarrassed to say but I had bad breath (my kids told me every day) and so I looked for a solution. This stuff is wonderful! My kids told me to NEVER stop ordering it. (Teenagers)

  • Aeson - my red wine keeps pretty well under vacuum for about a week

    I've had this vacuum pump for several years, and the pump and stoppers still work well being used about once a week. It definitely makes wine keep much longer than it would without the vacuum. In a refrigerator that's in the 34-40 degree range, my red wine keeps pretty well under vacuum for about a week. I've kept wine for two weeks, and it is not as good, but drinkable.