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  • Amazon Customer - missing items

    when I received this item, it was missing the 2 9 volt batteries that were supposed to be included. Also missing were the bolt, nut and 2 washers needed to connect the base to the handle. Extremely disappointed!!!

  • Gabby - Great!

    I have been struggling lately with my health. One of the things my doctor recommended I do is take more vitamins to make up for some deficiencies I have. Because of the extra stress on my body, my hair and nails are getting thin. I added hair vitamins to my regimine to see if I could get them looking more healthy. I am taking quite a few vitamins each day and sometimes I can barely choke them down. When I saw these gummy vitamins I was thrilled that I could take these in this form instead of pill form. They taste great and I still get the vitamins I need. I really like them and I would recommend them.

  • USMC03Wife - Too Many Issues

    I love Hallmark Card Studio 2008 Deluxe and I thought I would update last year to the 2011. It has great graphics love the designs and let me boys go nuts creating their own cards, but there are so many issues when you save and then go back to it. Let alone there is always a corrupt file and I have to keep turning off my Anti-Virus and then turning it back on. It's more work than it is worth. Even though I just if I like a card save it and then put it in my 2008 Card Studio. I am giving Hallmark the benefit of the doubt and buying 2012 Card Studio when it comes out, but don't bother with 2011. Sorry this is months too late, but I just figured I would write a review while I am thinking about it.

  • Amazon Customer - Good read start to finish

    This was a well written book. It kept me interested from beginning to end. If you like mystery and subtle romance I believe you will enjoy it.

  • hondoman45 - Not great but better than most

    These are good quality but not the high quality of the mud guards I put on my 2008 Prius at the same time. They also cost $26 more and are much smaller. That being said, they should do the job. As long as the clips are used with the supplied screws these should take a beating. It took some patience to get these mounted but it was well worth the effort. I did remove the rear wheels to get easy access to the two screws used back there on each mud guard. The material used appears to be a bit more brittle and hard than that used in the 2008 mudguards. Time will tell but these look ok once on the car.

  • Univeral Custom PC's and Electronics - Great splitter to convert non-PoE devices into PoE-compatible ones-

    What can I say? It is a splitter, for cameras that do not have the PoE functionality out of the box. This allows you to run the PoE signal, and terminate it back to power and data, at the end where your connection is (camera, routers, etc). If it uses PoE, you only need an injector. If they do not use PoE, this item converts them into PoE compatible devices. So an Amcrest 1080P PTZ cam, would be able to use this WITH an injector, b/c they are not able to use PoE directly to the port they use for data.

  • Mark D. Griffis - Keys Work

    I was able to use the keys upon arrival. Installed cleanly without difficulty in my ESXi 5.5 environment.