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  • LAS Reviewer - Good Reading

    “Irredeemable” is what Elle McCoy, a lawyer in the prosecutor’s office, calls Deputy Gabe Dawson. She’s known him since high school when he, even then, was cocky, swaggering, arrogant and handsome with girls chasing him.

  • Nicholas Wilson - Not worth the money, limited functionality, buggy Android app drains phone battery too fast.

    Puny beep from MYNT fob can't be heard from more than 3 ft. away. Buggy Android app drains Samsung GS5 battery very fast, and causes random changes to full volume when listening to music with BT earphones. This is a bust as far as I'm concerned. I give it two stars instead of one because it does work a little bit in a limited fashion, such as making the phone ring to find it, but only if I'm already nearby. I had to uninstall the app after it drained my phone battery from fully charged to critically low in just 6 hours. So now the MYNT is worthless to me.

  • ArmyGirl18 - ZZZQuil

    J loved this product. It worked very well for me. I got drowsy 10 mins after taking it. I give this product 5 stars. I loved it, worked great!

  • Paul - Buyers Beware ! ! !

    Received item that does not work. Tried to get product key code numerous times but would not work through Microsoft site. received credit from Amazon for a vendor who does not provide a genuine or legal product. Watch out for these new stores that open up you may get burnt. Purchase software through Amazon affiliated store , I did after two bad experiences with shady vendors.

  • Catlover - Hay has always been in love with the Big Bad Wolf and now that Luke is out of prison and Hay comes home, they have a shot!

    This is an outstanding steamy romantic suspense from a couple of great authors. Hay wants to be a baker and just returned from school and experiences in the big city. Luke is the Bad Boy next door who just came home from prison being labeled a murderer. His family was destroyed when a murderer took his baby sister. Then again, the murderer of the murderer is still out there. I received a gifted copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review. I honestly love this story and these authors!