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    Very light and simple to set up, this Acer monitor has a sharp screen and is the perfect size for a smaller desk where you want a bright, large screen, but not too overwhelming. It's quite thin, with good response times and no flicker. Picture quality is overall very sharp and impressive. For the price, it's an excellent choice.

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    I love short stories, and I've found the Best American Series to be the most reliably good collection of them out there. Can't recommend them enough. Hope this helps!

  • M. Gass - Only 3 star rating

    I recently bought a '89 Mustang. The headlights are yellowed with age/oxidation from age. I bought this kit because it has received the highest reviews. Well, after using it, here is my review.

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    Like most diet books, I think it's kind of like a placebo thing in that you have to want it to work either because of hitting rock bottom or just wanting change bad enough for some reason or another.

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