Rượu nho ninh thuận - Rượu nho, mật nho Ninh Thuận nguyên chất, nho khô, nho Ninh Thuận. Nguyên liệu và sản xuất từ vùng đất nắng Phan Rang - Ninh Thuận.

  • Nho khô ninh thuận - Rượu nho ninh thuận - Nho khô Ninh thuận được sấy khô từ quả nho chín vùng đất Ninh Thuận. Vùng đất nổi tiếng với đặc sản nho duy nhất ở Việt Nam

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  • Deano! - It came in a nice black box with a business card

    GuideLine Pro shaving kit is exactly what I was looking for. It came in a nice black box with a business card. With a little practice I was able to get the barber shop look I have been looking for years without actually going to the barber. The template is thin and flexible; it fits the contour of my face nicely. My razor does not get caught or snagged on the template. All in all I like this template; I would recommend it to family and friends.

  • tabbysdg - do not go long term, so if you do try it, make sure to stay in the short term set ups

    i signed onto this set up, for i guess one year.. and then used it a couple of times.. then after 2 - 3 months i realized it was a waste and i should not have signed up. contacted the company and tried to have it cancelled but they wanted money to cancel it. so i put it on some kind of hold for 3 months.. just now they started billing me again.. i have cancelled the payments.. i wish they had just cancelled it.. i am sure they could see that i was not a real user and bought into the monthly plan without realizing that i did not need the editing i thought i would require... i feel like they could have been more gracious and just let me cancel without wanting i think 50$... could have been more i forget exactly how much.. so i guess my point is.. check you free apps and programs for editing.. mine do as good a job as this creative cloud deal.. a waste of my money.. just be sure you really want it if you do order it... they do not let you out of the it easy... just waiting now to see what they will do to someone who has not used the product more than 5 times sind Feb and who is unwilling to pay for it..

  • John - sucks!!!

    Sucks waste of money. Used it before also to a tee... N failed both times. Only drink that's failed me.that I can remember !!

  • David Oliver - Go anywhere Antenna

    This Antenna is great. You can go through a car wash with out removing it, go through the trail with being afraid of ripping of the Jeep. Be sure to use Lock Tight when installing it so no one walking by unscrews it.