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  • AutumnRayne - Good so far...

    I've tried this product off and on. Good so far. I noticed that my butt is very soft and seems a little fuller, but I will give a more detailed review once I have used it consistently. (twice a day)

  • Mystery Achiever - I purchased this about six months ago; used it ...

    I purchased this about six months ago; used it for about a month with no probem-- no results, but no problems. Then one morning I woke up with my entire neck and bright red and VERY itchy. Of course I quit using it, but it still took about three days for the rash to clear. Fast forward... Thinking (hoping, based on the ridiculous price) that maybe it wasn't the Sub D at fault, I tried it again. This time the itchiness returned with the first use. I am so mad- at myself for buying the hype and at the Perricone company for continuing to sell this stuff. Save your money.

  • Melissa C. - Grimy and Drying

    I am usually a big fan of Living Proof products, but they missed with this one. It does what it says and provides volume, but that comes at a cost of hair that feels like grimy straw that's impossible to run a comb or brush through. The next day, even after washing it out, my hair is still dried out. For reference, I have fine hair that is ordinarily not overly dry or oily.

  • Charli Wordsmith - My hair is fine and I have an oily scalp

    Let me see, how many lines will they let me write. My hair is fine and I have an oily scalp. That means that heavy shampoos just weighh my hair down and make it flat. This product give me amazing fullness and shampoos even seem to last longer. I can often go two or three days without a shampoo. I just shampoo, use a volumizing gel, and blow dry for a great, long lasting style that I can brush through! Because my hair is so fine, I don't use a conditioner either. My PTU shampoo is about as good as it gets. All this serves to make me feel more put together and confident. Love this shampoo. Please don't change a thing!