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  • Vikabro - Good Shampoo

    When I bought this product my expectations were pretty low. I wanted to try something to help the growth of my hair as it seemed to have to slowed to a halt.I also wasn't in the mood to spend a lot of money on something that probably wouldn't work for me anyway. I noticed comments how this one smells like Strawberries. Since I like strawberries I thought to try this.

  • Jen Eks - Shoe causes shin splints

    These are nice lightweight shoes I used them for track and feild I have been having shin splints nearly the whole season but I didn't know it until I told my friend what's been going on he said it's happening to him and it's a shin splint, he has the same shoes as me don't buy these because they cause shin splints and no other factors of this shoe make it anywhere near worth buying

  • AdamBN - Maintains the quality and momentum!

    These Badge of Honor novels just keep getting better and allowing an insight to the lives and challenges of officer's and their leaders some of whom deserve quote marks around the word leader. In spite of this and maybe because of this they keep pushing on. Excellent book with emotion all over the place.

  • J. Esch - Update Jan 4th, 2013 - I think its going to work

    I used Fungi nail twice a day for six months and zilch. This Kerasal stuff after a couple of weeks is doing something, that cruddy hard stuff under the nail is becoming soft and I can peel if off, the color of the nail is also changing. I bought my first tube Nov 7th 2013 and just opened the second on Dec10th, I probably am putting on too much but am only doing it once a day. The jury is still out but i think this might just do it. UPDATE: The big toe nail became very soft and eventually came off, the skin on my toe is pink and healthy looking, although the new nail hasn't started growing back in yet, but I have to say I don't see any fungus. Will continue using it daily, twice a day, and see what happens.. Quite impressive..