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  • Nursekyla - Felt horrible

    I understand the first 10 days was a detox and a headache and body aches were to be expected, but this had nothing but a negative effect on me. I bought it based on great reviews and results from friends. Unfortunately, It was just not for me.

  • tintinaujapon - Fascinating Clinical Insight into the Mind of a Full-Blown Nutjob

    This is a hilarious and subversive ditty written entirely from the perspective of a completely sociopathic scared little white man clinging to an imagined past world in which everyone had their place and conducted their lives in a way that reinforced his privilege, status and elitist beliefs. The author has achieved an incredible feat of climbing inside such an albeit narrow mind and speaking as if seriously holding these ridiculous 18th century views. This is a tour de force of farce. If it weren't a spoof, you wouldn't believe that someone could actually put these words down on paper and try and sell them. Bravo Mr Bernardi.

  • Amazon Customer - Before I started perfect amino I weighted 232lbs

    Before I started perfect amino I weighted 232lbs. My body fat was 29%. I am starting my third month taking the amino acids and I have dropped my body weight to 211lbs and body fat to 17.3%. I eat very healthy and cardio exercises 4 times a week along with weight training.

  • Tina - it works!!!!!

    I love this product, I cant live without it! I had terrible acne as well as scars and it cleared up my acne within two weeks. However as for the scars there are slowly fading away. I don't use the retinol complex in the package because i don't like the way it feels on myskin. I would recommend this to anyone who have severe acne. THIS STUFF WORKS. TRY IT!! USE a moisturizer with it as well! it can be drying but oily skin is the cause to breakouts!

  • Jeanmarie Richardson - I am sold on Fekkai!

    My sister raved about the Fekkai products so one day while purchasing some travel size items at my local Walgreens, I saw this travel kit. For $26 I thought I would give it a try. My hair is curly and highlighted, and I blow it out every day. I followed the directions exactly and was extremely impressed with the results -- my hair is soft and shiny with no frizz. It keeps my color looking great as well. I just recently purchased larger sizes of each product and will definately continue using it.

  • sara - Great way to feed my 9 month old

    This chair is wonderful. It's very sturdy, and holds my little one right at the table (when he was in a regular high chair, he'd kick himself away from the table). He has made a mess in it, but it cleans up pretty easily. Randomly, my cat naps in it occasionally.

  • Matthew - Router for those who need it.

    This router is used in my home business to host over 20 high load devices, including a FTP/File server, Nest cams, Nest thermostat, Nest fire alarms, 2 business computers, Xbox One, and 4k streaming on multiple devices. It handles the load easily and steadily without an interruption of service to any device.