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  • Amy Feigley - Not worth it.

    I did the 10 day cleanse...what a waste of time and money. It made me so sick to my stomach. I maybe lost one inch and didn't drop any weight at all. I used to drink the Spark but after a week, would get these massive headahces. So I stopped drinking it altogether and haven't had a problem since then.

  • Amazon Customer - The presentation is very nice, as it comes in a glass jar and ...

    I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. I have had to opportunity to use this item morning and evening for a two days now. I don't feel that I have used this product long enough to say that it has had time to work, but I can tell you that it goes on well and dries without leaving any type of noticeable residue behind. My face and neck do not feel sticky after use. The presentation is very nice, as it comes in a glass jar and dispenses by pressing the plunger on the handle that has a glass dropper attached. Thus far I would say that I like this product.

  • erik bares - Poor quality

    I bought this a couple of months ago and it worked fine, the first two times I used it. The third time, the digital clock stopped working. And on the fourth time, the light for the low heat setting quit working. So, as long as you don't need to know how long you're cooking or which setting you want to use, I wouldn't recommend this.

  • Kent Claudel - Rogaine doesnt work for most of us- my research

    6 months ago I purchased rogaine as my hair had started thinning a few years back when I hit my late 20s. I kept using rogaine religiously, but still lost hair no matter what. This story is the same for many of you on here, I am quite sure. The problem is, for many people rogaine simply doesnt work and will make you lose more hair, which is what happened to me.

  • E. Scher - Shipping Costs are Ridiculous and Packaging Insane.

    I contacted the seller to order the 2000 Tons I would need for my, er... project, and inquired about a shipping discount for larger quantities.

  • David - Works great! Easy setup

    Plugged it in, looked at the instruction disk on how to get in to setup. Set up 2 wireless networks, logged on to the network and checked my speed. I was hitting 30Mbps on a 31Mbps network. No problems. I would like the ability to set a bandwidth limit on the second network, I don't see that I can do that on this product, but it was a good deal.

  • Adri - Mess free and instant results

    This is exactly what I've been looking for. When I read about the benefits of charcoal on Pinterest, I immediately ordered a bottle of activated charcoal supplements on Amazon. As soon as the bottle arrived I hopped in the shower with a capsule and my toothbrush. I was soon covered in black! I had charcoal in places that have probably never even seen a speck of dirt. A quick shower took an hour to clean up. I loved the results but the process wasn't practical. When you brush with charcoal you see immediate results. When I brush with charcoal I rinse my mouth out well and then brush with tooth paste. I then swish with coconut oil for about 20 mins. The results are better than any teeth whitening treatment you could pay for.