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  • rachael hilton - Just do it !

    Reading other reviews, I was pretty apprehensive about assembling and getting this beast installed. SO I was delighted to find I had no trouble at all! It was smooth and simple to get the anti rebound bar and the head rest in place. Installed rear facing in my 2001 pathfinder with the seatbelt, middle seat. One of the easiest seats I've ever positioned and secured. Also THE BEST, solid, secure installation of any car seat I've ever used. This thing is staying in place!! I am so pleased with it!! My 2 year old can easily climb in and out by herself. She is comfortable and not cramped at all. Plenty of room still for growing, which is one reason I bought this seat- the extended rear facing ability. As an emergency room nurse, I am so over concerned with car/seat safety. I struggled with the price tag, but now am very happy I went ahead. We upgraded from the britax marathon, which is a great seat and not cheap either, but all in all, this seat out shines it!

  • Ashton - Wonderfully Nautural, PAIN FREE, Diaper Rash Cream that WORKS!!

    One of the few rash creams I have found that doesn't hurt my daughter when I apply it to a raw rash! (Just reacts to the cold paste) I have also found it to be very effective!! :)

  • Skip Thomsen - Read these reviews, then forget Acronis

    I'll keep it short. (System: XP-Pro, SP-3) I installed the 2010 trial download, and in the process of initialization, it stopped and gave me an error message about how it could not initialize. OK, I tried it several more times, once even with a fresh download. Same thing each time. OK, so I'm not about to trust my BACKUPS to a program that will not even work in the trial version, so I go into Control Panel "Add and Remove Programs" and there's no Acronis listed. So good, I think, maybe this creepy thing has not yet even gotten into the Registry and I can simply delete the folder full of junk that had already been installed. But first, I went on some forum boards and learned that deleting the folder was not an option because even at the stage at which the install failed, it had already messed with my Registry files.

  • Maggie - Surface rust had me skeptical, but still going after years, with no problems

    2015 UPDATE: I'm keeping what I wrote below, as a record, but changed the rating from a 1. But the fact is, the rust did not spread and has been contained with simple icecube maintenance. And they offered a replacement, which I have not needed. It's an old model, it's not too quiet, and I Don't use it often, but it's still going strong, with no leaks.

  • Amazon Customer - The worst abdominal cramps

    Tried the greens to go. Taste ok. But horrible abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Took it once and was sick for 4 days. Cold sweats too. After reading ingredients. Worst thing to take. Arbonne has a much healthier and nutritious greens. Don't waste your money on it works

  • Mika - Bedtime favorite in the making

    Author Sharlene Alexander has created a wonderful collection of short stories for young children. After recently purchasing another of her books and falling in love with the message I had high expectations for "100 Fun Stories". With adorable illustrations and countless inspiring stories to share with your child it will soon become a bedtime favorite. My 4 year old loves the book. Some of the stories are geared to a higher age group but that's the beauty of the collection. She will be able to enjoy the longer/harder stories as she grows. Two thumbs up to Sharlene Alexander for yet another fantastic children's book!

  • rwstorm - I love this Sharpro Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

    I love this Sharpro Fruit Infuser Water Bottle! I think the design of this bottle is fantastic. It's a 32 oz bottle which is great. I hate those other small water bottles sold on amazon that hardly hold anything. You can use this as intended with the infuser basket inserted and have your fruit infused water or remove the basket and still be able to use the bottle itself for a water bottle. I LOVE that! I just love that they designed it with that added versatility.Also, it is 1)easy to clean, 2) easy to take apart, 3) made very well, very sturdy and it's not easily stained from the fruit unlike so many others are.