Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council - Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council (KAMSC) is a health resource body for a group of independent community controlled Aboriginal health services in the Kimberely region of Western Australia.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 151 New South Wales, Australia

  • Michael B. Sonneberg - Return, will not calibrate

    If you have 3-4 hours and steady hands you may, may get to calibrate the gun. But I doubt it, what a waste of time and money.I have no idea how they could have released this to the public. I guess they were hoping people would not bother to return it and throw it away. It should be thrown away but I will count on Amazon to stand behind this junk and go to the trouble of returning it. Wow, what a loser

  • Glynnes - I THINK IT'S GREAT!

    I love mine. I have had it over a year and used to trim upper lip. Hairs grow back slowly and soft so no stubble shows. Want to get refills now for it. Haven't changed the battery since first getting it either...guess it would depend on how often or how much you use it.

  • Ashley - old flat style frer is better by far

    I miss the old flat style frers. These new curved ones are less sensitive and known for odd results. I got a faint pink line on one of these new curved style ones but it didn't reach all the way to the edges. Other tests were clearly negative. I've also seen some friends who are pregnant in a ttc group I'm in test with both old and new style frers with the same urine at the same time and the new style is significantly lighter than the old frers. The old style is soooo much better. First Response, why would you change a good thing and make it worse???

  • bluecandle33 - hated it

    don't waste your money. buy it at the grocery store. doesn't translate well to the kindle. do not bother with it.

  • Besha patch - Wrong price. ripoff

    you guys are wasting your money buying this "Fit Tea" on amazon for starters it does not cost $55 the cost for the 14 day is $25 and the 28 day is $45. go on the original website its this is the way to go and you will be saving as well.. hope this was helpful.