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  • JRODDY - Cool Book

    Good refresher for anyone into IT, Computers or how technology works. I enjoy the book more than the class. Got it at a great price too.

  • Bekah W. - These are a lot thinner then I was expecting. ...

    These are a lot thinner then I was expecting. Also, they are not the size of other cookie sheets so the silpats do not work with them. I kept them anyway, but do wish they were the same size as I'm used to.

  • Avidrunner - Keeps getting better and better

    Received a copy. I am voluntarily reviewing. If you are a reader and have been following the exhilarating path that the Journeymen have been taking then you have a wild ride in front of you. You have no idea what is about to hit you in the adrenaline department. Hell these characters are going to grab you and take you with them. Golden Czermack has a way with words that pull you into the story, grabs you, shakes you and just possibly makes you breathless. The description of the characters, the epic scenery painted is like wrapping yourself up in a blanket so it can all take place and you are held in place for the roller coaster named Made To Suffer. This journey that Golden Czermack has created from characters to story line is simply on the amazing level. This series becomes a part of you, it gets under your skin and you will be able to feel the pulse through your veins. Well done and looking forward to the continuation of the journey!

  • Red Robot - Wish I'd bought this sooner!

    Just bought this after a few rough trips this summer without a highchair. This is definitely an item I will make room for in my suitcase until my daughter is ready to sit on her own at the table. I brought this up to a friend's cabin for a long weekend. It attached easily to the multi-leaf table- I just aimed to have it attach to two of the middle leaves so it would be study and safe. We also carried it to the two restaurants that we visited and had no trouble there either. I would echo that this would be nearly impossible to use on your own- someone has to hold the squirming toddler while you get it set up- but it really is quick as long as you have two hands.

  • Verna - Typographical errors ruined my experience.

    I began reading this to my four year old grandchild. She was captivated by each story and wanted me to read another and another. That was great. However, I was shocked to find two glaring typographical errors in the first reading. Using lead instead of led is a basic mistake. I hope being a grandmother does not place me so far out of what is being taught in schools these days, but come on!!!! Get it right!!!

  • KATYA - Disappointed

    I thought this product had a decent taste, Packed well, the description was probably. Somewhat accurate but I hardly lost any weight if any..and followed the instructions perfectly even drinking all that water.. The Only Exception is I had a cup of coffee each morning nevertheless I did feel better after the two days. I got through the first day without being tempted to cheat... the evening of the second day was difficult

  • P.C., NY - Poor Customer Service

    I would love to be able to say that my NorticTrack is just what I hoped it would be BUT my elliptical never worked. After plugging it in and turning it on, it just zapped out. I called customer service and they offered to send out a tech. Sounds great, right?? But when the tech got here (a week later), he wasn't equipped with the necessary replacement parts to get my machine, and me, running (pun intended). I called customer service again and they offered me a power strip for my troubles. Really??? I spend a $1000 and have a giant dust collector in my home. I could have used that money on a 5 year gym membership.