Rensimer & Associates Houston Infectious Diseases/ Internal Medicine - Edward R. Rensimer, MD, FACP is a board certified Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases specialist practicing at multiple hospitals in Houston, Texas. He is also the director of the International Medicine Center, Houston, Texas.

  • Rensimer & Associates Special Expertise Areas » Rensimer & Associates - With board certifications in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, as well as special certifications in Tropical Medicine and Travel Medicine, and over 40,000 cases over 38 years since medical school graduation, as well as several years working in Emergency Medicine and serving as Chief of Staff of a hospital with approximately 1,000 staff physicians, Dr. Rensimer is experienced to handle any type medical situation, especially in his expert concentrations in Infectious Diseases/Internal Medicin

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  • Sherry - rating of Murad cleanser

    This product was great for my Rosacre. The problem I had was the cap was broken in transit. This made it difficult to get product to not come out to fast.

  • Diana H. Willoughby - When the Banana Slicer actually DOES enhance the quality of life!

    I've loved reading all the reviews of the banana slicer, but I thought I'd share with you maybe the one single instance that the product truly made someone's life better. I work with developmentally disabled adults in a group home setting. Our goal is to help make them as independent as possible, regardless of how small a feat "normal" folks perceived the task to be. I have an elderly gentleman with moderate developmental disabilities, coupled with advanced cerebral palsy. In spite of this, he tries very hard to be independent, but slicing bananas is just too much for him to accomplish on his own. When the posts for the banana slicer first hit facebook, I ordered one for him. He loves it because it's safe for him to use, and it gives him an opportunity to be involved in his own day. He gleefully slices the bananas for his own breakfast and enough for his two housemates to enjoy. Having said that, please carry on with the funny replies. I love reading them!

  • Amazon Customer - Great replacement for the OEM plastic cap

    Great replacement for the OEM plastic cap. Fits snug and the magnet works great to keep the fuel cap close and secure while fueling.

  • Bruce Beckham - Godly and satanic plans unfolding side-by-side in America, and the world.

    This book reveals, in a very scholarly manner by one of the most brilliant theology and history minds, the side-by-side roll-out of God's and satan's plans for the world, with emphasis upon the USA. The book works effectively to reveal the hidden occult plan that satan and his cohorts have designed and fulfilled here in America. It links many world religions, Greek mythology, Illuminism, Free Masonry, and modern day politics to this satanic plan. I have been a student of these issues as a citizen of American and as a citizen of God's Kingdom for many years. I especially liked how the author linked the secular historical record to scriptures of the Holy Bible; expanding upon names, places, times, meanings, etc. The book is very current (published 2013) and includes issues related to our current president and the coming anti-Christ. But this book includes much, much, more. As a minister of God in these trying days, one of my greatest concerns for the church is the coming great deception of which the Bible writes. To be fully prepared I suggest to all: 1) Read and know God's word, His Holy Bible; and, 2) Read this book.

  • lacey - Very easy to drink

    The taste is great, just like sweet water. I can't rate it on if it worked for fertility because I'm still not pregnant, but I'm simply rating the taste.

  • Crystal Buck - ... bought this sea mud mask because of all the good reviews, I use this product ONCE and my ...

    I bought this sea mud mask because of all the good reviews, I use this product ONCE and my face broke out with little white pimples every where. I am African American with sensitive skin so I thought natural products will be ok but obviously NOT.

  • Fivens - Three Times, All Were Terrible

    I'm not sure if this Amazon shop is authentic or not, but I ordered this case THREE times. The first time I got it I was soooo excited, but when I turned the lights on there was a "wavy" effect to the light on camera. You couldn't really see it in person, but on camera when you're filming you could DEFINITELY see it. So I exchanged it, the second one I received was definitely USED, it has scratches and broken plastic, and the wavy light thing happening. I exchanged it one more time, and it was in good shape, but the lights were not up to par. A friend of mine has one and definitely does NOT have the same effect on her case. I'm not sure if this shop is selling the "bad seeds" in order to recoup some money, but it looks like I'm going to have to physically go to a store to pick one up. Sigh!