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  • Dr. C. H. Roberts - Excellent product, great price

    These crossbars are great. We needed them for a major cross country drive and they installed easily and worked just as we hoped. Highly recommended.

  • Patric Welch - I still hate snakes!

    First let me just say that this headset works great. It holds your phone snugly in place and the magnetic latch makes sure your phone doesn't fall out while you're wearing the headset. I also like the dials on the top and sides that adjust the pupil and focal lengths, something I found I needed to tweak with each 3D video I watched.

  • Donald Stratton III - Lights stop working.

    Bought for my daughter, but had to return because one of the lights didnt work. Replaced with a new pair and approx 2 weeks later a light on one of the shoes went out already. Isnt the whole point of the shoe for the lights to light up? For $50 you expect a little more wear.

  • Lynn Luna - Works!

    Been getting bladder infections every few months for about a year so got on line and did some research. So glad I found these. As son as I feel an infection coming on I start on these and have not had to go back to the Dr or take antibiotics since.