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  • Olga Caballero Hernandez - performs like a champ

    I bought one of these reels. When they first came out I immediately fell in love with it. I have never had too much trouble with baitcasting reels, but this one stepped it up for me in big way. It fits my hand so well due to its ultra low profile. Like it so much.

  • Donald H. - Based on past personal experience, I highly recommend

    My first Norelco (model 3405 LC) I received in December 1996 and just replaced it last month with this one. It was an electric. I don't think cordless rechargeables were available back then. It was made of the exact same material as this new model, but it didn't have individual floating heads that smoothly glide over contours of the face. I can't believe how quietly it hums compared to my old electric, so it's quite energy efficient. This shaver needs a full 8-hours to charge and provides 35 minutes of use for the S1560 model. While charging, the indicator light blinks green. Upon a full charge, the light is a steady green. When the battery has less than 5 minutes of shaving time left, the light blinks orange. I used it for 33 days before needing to recharge for the first time. A disadvantage is that this shaver will not operate while plugged in; it will only run off of the battery. The best feature is that you can rinse and thoroughly clean by running hot water over the shaver heads (circular cutting blades). It's water tight, but shouldn't be submerged, though. By cleaning the shaver heads daily, it puts less operating strain on the shaver and extends its life. With my old electric, I had to use a brush to clean hair debris and it was time consuming and I could only partially clean. I would have preferred an electric, because the lithium-ion battery can't be replaced. However, a shaver (model 3100) powered by either electricity or battery is available for $49.95 and is probably a better purchase. So I may not get as much use from this new model as I did with my first Norelco. It has provided me with two decades of reliable use, and as a loyal customer, I have to recommend this product.

  • Joyce M Rosen - Luminess Air needs to be out of business

    In August of last year I saw a very enticing and attractive ad on the net. The ad was so suductive that I didn't look at the fine print. The mahine and the make-up came to my home and I practiced working with the products for about 5 week. The machine did not fuction in a proper manner and the make-up begain to irrate my skin. I was not happy and spoke to the company aout returning the machine for a refund. I was told that I could pay to send back the machine but, no refund. I have spent over$300.00 on !@#$%.

  • gslc3 - Inexpensive quality poles

    The poles I received (come in pairs) exceeded my expectations. They are easy to adjust the length and they don't slip. The cork handles are very comfortable. They come with a "snow shoe" and a circular stop for very soft ground or sand. The poles seem to be sturdily made. They have a spring loaded shock absorber that can be activated or deactivated simply by twisting the pole clockwise to activate and counter-clockwise to deactivate. I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • A. Akins - THe Update is not worth it

    There in not many useful new features in Quicbooks Pro 2011. They have added Intuit Data Protect, a paid subscrption service. There is no way to remove it or keep it from starting up each time you start Quickbooks.

  • Jonathan corcio - Great glassess!!!!

    I was a little hesitant to purchase these because they are labeled as a woman model. However, I tried them on at lenscrafters and I really loved them! So I ordered the frame from amazon, and got the lens done at costco for cheap. I've gotten many compliments on these glasses and they fit cool! Highly recommend! Makes me wish I was in the 50s

  • PJ Francis - The Essence of Gaga - Joanne

    One couldn't blame Lady Gaga if she decided to give us more of the same, Another Born This Way or Artpop; Indeed I would be most grateful for anything that Gaga would choose to dish out: She is such a Once In A Lifetime Talent / Lightning in a Bottle Artist, that I'm sure it would have been brilliant.