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  • http://quitmarijuana.org/florida-mass-shooting/ The Tragedy in Florida - QuitMarijuana.org - I'm taking a break from my usual topics to write about the deadliest mass shooting by a single person in United States history what happened in Florida.
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  • Anonymous - Good moisturzer, not very good results

    I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I really don't see the results. I used it continuously for two months along with the love handler and the fatgirlsleep, and did notice a difference, but I've had far better results with seaweed soap and exfoliants. Give it a shot, but don't count on a miracle.

  • Amazon Customer - An Awesome New Paradigm in Computing

    I haven't used it extensively yet but so far I'm very impressed. I love the fact that it boots up in seconds and doesn't take several minutes to load various processes, applications, etc. The fact that everything is web-based takes some getting used to but at this point I can't see going back to a traditional laptop. I can do just about everything via Google, including docs, spreadsheets, Email, etc. Also, many of the tools I use for project management are web-based anyway.