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Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Home - Learn more about Quality & Compliance Services Inc. We can help you with your Quality and Compliance needs, including the following services: regulatory, auditing, compliance, validation, on-site consulting and support, importing and GMP/cGMP training.

  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/about/ Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - About Us - Q&C has worked with Health Canada for years, helping clients achieve compliant ratings. We can help you prepare for an upcoming audit or support your everyday compliance activities.
  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/about/careers.html Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Careers - If you have the required qualifications and would like to join one of Canada's leading GMP consultancies, please submit your resume along with a short covering letter.
  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/about/quality-policy.html Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Quality PolicyManagement updates - At Quality & Compliance Inc., it's our missions to: provide Easier Compliance for companies supplying drug, natural health product and US dietary supplements to North America.
  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/about/clients.html Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Clients - Want to know what other projects we've helped clients with? Check out our client page for more details of projects we have performed for clients in the past.
  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/about/q-and-c-licences.html Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Q&C LicencesHealth Products and Food Branch Inspectorate Establishment Licence - Q&C has a Site Licence, Drug Establishment Licence and is ISO certified. We are the experts that can help you import your products to Canada today!
  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/team/ Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Team - We employ a team approach to fully address your needs. We have many highly qualified full-time consultants; your staff will benefit from their broad-based knowledge and experience in quality control and quality assurance, validation, regulatory requirements, GMP/cGMP, NHP, microbiology, and technical documentation.
  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/services/ Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Our Services - Q&C can help with any of the following services: Auditing, Regulatory Submission (Product/Site Applications), GMP or cGMP training, validation of computers, warehouses, transportation and many other processes, on-site consulting and general compliance activities.
  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/services/regulatory.html Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Regulatory - Need help with any of the following?: importing a product (Cosmetics, Natural Health Products, Drugs or medical devices), product applications, site licences, on-site consulting? Q&C can help.
  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/services/importing/ Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Importing - Looking to import a drug, natural health product (nhp), medical device or cosmetic to Canada? Contact Q&C today!
  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/services/validation.html Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Validation - Q&C can help you with all your validation needs including: Equipment (IQ, OQ, PQ), temperature mapping, transportation studies, computer, cleaning and process, shipping validation and even stability studies.
  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/services/technical-writing.html Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Technical Writing - Meet GMP documentation requirements and deadlines in a cost-effective manner, with reduced disruption of day-to-day operations.
  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/services/auditing.html Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Auditing - Upcoming Health Canada Audit? Let Q&C help you. We offer a wide range of auditing services to help you prepare for your next audit.
  • http://qualityandcompliance.com/services/quality-control-officer.html Quality & Compliance Services Inc. - Quality Control Officer - Q&C can help set up your quality control department, help support your quality staff and even implement and maintain your quality system.

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  • JenniferMD - Do not order

    I should have known better after reading so many reviews about poor quality. Our clock stopped working literally the date after the return period expired. The green light does not come on at all. So angry at myself for wasting money on this cheap clock. Don't make the same mistake!

  • JP Colter - Hate it

    Product starts constantly nagging you to purchase almost immediately which is intrusive and annoying. ;I'm uninstalling and going back to Kaspersky or Norton.

  • Louis K - Sometimes remakes are better than the originals,

    I had a the earlier 2010 version of this bag, but needed to replace it when it got doused in some rather smelly stuff. The prior bag had survived numerous trips and the daily wear and tear without any problems. I never had any problems and it was spacious enough to not only carry my laptop and tablets with me on plane trips, but a SLR and toiletries without becoming overburdened.

  • Keisha Eberhardt - TOO CUTE!!

    My daughter requested this ball after watching the movie Castaway. The ball is a great reminder for anyone who has faced challenges.

  • Mary A. - A really marvelous exercise chair

    I have always trusted Amazon reviews and this one really delivers. I am 83 and when I opened the box, I thought, "Oh, my God! What have I done?"..there were parts and cords and I had visions of struggling to put it together....not to worry...the chair, with pulls attached, unfolded with the ease of a bridge chair and was ready to go. There is a foot stool which you can use or not, and extra pulls for those who are stronger to begin with. It is just exactly what I needed. Not too demanding and with use, it can only improve the strength I have...and almost as effortlessly as we all want...

  • Kcpeyton - Full Issue Same as Pring on Kindle Fire HDX

    I don't understand the complaints -- the magazine is exactly like the print, with all the photos, on the Kindle Fire HDX. Maybe you just get one image when you're reading it on the Kindle e-readers? I'm not sure, but for less than 2 bucks a month, this is an amazing deal, and I love it. I just subscribed to the regular National Geographic as well, since the Traveler was so good. I can't deal with the print subscription because the magazines pile up too fast, but digitally, well, awesome. Free 30 days -- go for it and see if it works for you and your Kindle or other tablet. Just cancel if you aren't getting what you would like! :)