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Qual360 Asia-Pacific 2015 - Qualitative 360 conference aims to bring together leading research practitioners and academics to exchange ideas and strategies, brainstorm on the latest cutting-edge qualitative techniques and how they can be used effectively to deliver actionable insights for brands.

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  • shellxbell68 - didnt work for me

    so i tried this and it honestly didnt work.. it made my lip VERY smooth but it hardly got rid of anythig. it got rid of the peach fuzz thats about it LOL. i tried it again i left it only for 10 mins and i didnt put alot of the first on so i know i did it right. i will try this product again but it didnt remove the hair that i wanted to remove. i do not have thick hair or anything so i dont know why it didnt remove and it kinda made my lip red. but it smells nice and maybe it works for some peope but it didnt work for me

  • Amazon Customer - Frustrating product onboarding. Buggy software. Never got it to work

    This has to be the most frustrating tech product I've encountered in the last couple of years. I've not been able to make a single recording with it and will try to return it to Bestbuy if I still can. I was honestly not expecting such a bad product.

  • Amazon Customer - Hey it works just like you think it does

    Hey it works just like you think it does. Ball was getting stuck inside at the beginning but I relised that it was my fault. Once a ball gets thrown the back led goes red. Gotta wait like the 2sec to turn green. I was trying to Gatling gun the balls towards my dog. Once turns green it's ready to fire. I like the random speed selection it has too. Keeps my dog guessing.