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  • AmberT - THESE ARE A MUST!!!!

    OMG! I've been dying to have a pair of Ray-Ban & that's what I got! I love these...They're very authentic! The color looks lovely! I've been getting a ton of compliments on these! I'm happy that I did purchase them! I was worried if they were going to be too small or big, but they are PERFECT! I went to Henry Ford Optimize so they could put my prescription in. Not only can I see but I can look cute to lol

  • Elizabeth - Wonderful!

    My daughter is one and loves this bath wash. We switched to a store brand because I ran out and did not have time to re-order. We disliked the replacement!! I have since re-ordered (and thanks to subscribe and save we shouldn't run out again!) and used the other stuff on the dog!

  • Jolved - I bought the same prduct from GNC last year and ...

    I bought the same prduct from GNC last year and compared to that, this one's taste is less strong which makes me question the quality of the product.

  • [email protected] - Useful Information On HGH

    Although I do like the book much better, these audio tapes (2) also list the "anti-aging" benefits of HGH. I use HGH myself (47 year old male) and have had decreased cholesterol, lower blood pressure, better skin, much more energy, and less fat around my stomach and buttocks. Unfortunately, most MD's are too mired in HMO's to promote this product. MD's seem to help with CURES but do NOTHING for IMPROVEMENT and/or PREVENTION OF "OLD AGE" DISEASES.

  • Guy Bennett - Essential

    My daughter is preparing to take her ACT in March. She used this book to prepare for the practice test last November at her school. This revealed her weak areas so she could focus on doing better in those areas. She scored well enough to get into a University with tougher requirements than the ones she is thinking about. This book has a great structure and approach to studying for the ACT. As a parent, it helped me to remember how scary this test was when I took it many years ago. After reading it, I am now better able to guide my daughter in her studies. I wish I had this book back in the day. Clear points, structured learning, get this book!