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  • Rebecca - Thank you !

    Got this for my daughters birthday , she's been asking for a pottery wheel so I know there will not be any disappointments !

  • Kia Simpson - This comb attachment definitely detangles and doesn't fell flimsy when ...

    This comb attachment definitely detangles and doesn't fell flimsy when you pull it through, however, it does not stay on the dryer. It plopped off literally on the 2nd pass through. I had to hold it onto the dryer to get it to stay on. I eventually got tired of letting my hands burn and took it off. If the company works on the attachment piece, I would be a fan. Unfortunately, I used it today and am returning it immediately

  • Sherry and John - Great for boosting immunity!

    These are great for getting your kids or a picky spouse to take vitamins for health. They taste great! I specifically ordered these to boost our immunity from germs. We seem to pick up alot of different bugs from church and school. These seemed to help. We were less frequently sick while taking these and completely skipped flu season without any in our six person family getting sick.

  • Karen H. - Excellent

    As an avid reader of historical fiction I loved this first person account of Owen Tudor's life. It's always fascinating to see well known history from a new perspective. Well done!

  • Harshel A. Shanthraj - value for every buck

    I just got the sole F80 threadmill directly from the company sole. I had done good amount of research before and concluded that this was the best. I did read about delivery its a really heavy package and i paid 99$ extract and took in room delivery.The package delivery company called me for delivery. They made sure how many floors was my house. Package was little beat up. The machine was in good condition. It was worth it. Dont go for curbside delivery if you dont have help of atleast 3 to 4 strong men, yes its a big box and around 195 pounds. what makes it difficult to carry is its oneside heavy. If you are have a upstair home dont even think about curbside delivery. Let the men sweat it out and place it in your room of choice. Dont take a white glove delivery its cost 299 or 199 i am not sure. This is no brainer to set it up. The instructions are not clear. Me and my brother fixed it in an hour and a half how ever dont tighten the bolts at the bottom until you fix the console on the top. Careful with the wiring dont damage it. After fixing it, Tryed it and felt good almost 3 weeks of use no problem. Me my brother and wife doing regular exercise. We like the way it workes. Very less noise. Its heavy and sturdy. Heavy people also can run. I just love the way it works. Its a value for your money. All you guys waiting to buy a threadmill 100 percent I would recommend sole F80.

  • Rick - Word Crashes and Loses Data - DON'T BUY!!!

    Completely unstable, even with the latest updates from Microsoft (Version 14.2.5 and I have OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on a 2012 Macbook Pro, 16 gig memory). Word consumes more and more memory until finally it crashes. Twice it crashed so hard I had to reinstall the root drive from backup as it had corrupted system files beyond repair using disk utility! This product should not be on the market and Microsoft should be ashamed of selling it. Do yourself a favor... DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT. I would have rated this zero stars if the rating system would let me... one star is the lowest rating but this deserves lower.