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  • Sandra Rawlings - Works Great!

    Try 2-3 capsules at night with 6-8 oz of water just prior to bedtime. Within an hour of waking, you should have a "double" and feel flat and healthy the rest of the day.

  • AMZ customer - Coincidence

    I was absorbed reading "Stronger Together" but by page 30, I had a episode of confusion. All I can recall is being dragged toward my car. The only thing I wonder, now that I'm fully conscious in the safety of my home, is "why is the presidential running mate waving a Nazi salute on the book cover? Could it be coincidence or a hidden message?"

  • P. J. WERNER - Sole F63

    Machine works really well. The tread part does seem to take awhile to get up to speed; especially if you are on the heavy side. It does get there in about 10 seconds. The machine is capable of handling someone of large size. Just note that the machine is very heavy and they do not deliver it inside if you have steps. You will need at least 2 people; 3 is better to carry it in. It is about 350 pounds and the front end carries most of the weight. Although it isn't too difficult to put together, it is helpful to have 2 people to put it together. Recommend getting the matt for underneath.

  • Frederick Stratton - They fit and look good But,

    They fit and look good.Instillation was straight forward and took less than a hour total.But at almost $70 you be the judge.

  • T. N. C. - Great but very LARGE and hard to swallow

    Love that these vitamins have so many beneficial ingredients. I took away one star for how large the vitamins are. My daughter is okay with swallowing pills, but this one is exceptionally large at 7/8 of an inch long, nearly 3/8 of an inch wide, and 1/4" thick. It's too bad they can't make the pills smaller and recommend taking more smaller ones rather than a large one.